Spinzilla Recap

For a while there it was all Spinzilla all the time, wasn’t it?! Well, I’m happy to say that today I can not only put Spinzilla to bed for the year, but I can also present you with a photo-rich recap of my spinning for my monster of a spinning week. I finally managed to photograph all my skeins and I even uploaded them into Ravelry. I’ll admit am overly proud of this fact because it isn’t a super speedy or exciting task, especially when I have such a fantastic knit on the needles and spin on the wheel.

In any case, since Spinzilla recommends measuring before washing (I usually measure after), I’m sharing those measurements here today. I’ve yet to remeasure the post-bath yardage, but on average I lose about 10yards in the wash.

Without further ado, meet my skeins!

My first spin was Blooming Treasures.

blooming-treasuresI spun this 60/40 polwarth/silk blend into 2-ply yarn that is 482 yards.

My 100% BFL Damselfly braid I spun into fraternal twins.

damselfly-twinsI’d aimed for fingering weight sock quantities, but instead ended up with 222yards total of sport weight yarn. Half is spun in a traditional 3ply, half chain plied.

After Damselfly, I kind of had to see how my Dragonfly compared, so I went to it.

dragonflyAnd I came away with 268yards of high twist heavy fingering weight chain plied yarn.

I spun my braid of Night Light into fraternal twins, too. Like Damselfly, one is a traditional 3-ply and one is chain plied.

night-light-twinsTogether I have about 242yards of sport weight yarn.  Again, I’d aimed for fingering weight sock quantities, but come up short. I’m thinking I may have to be a little creative to use these… or I will just knit from the toe up and get as far as I get.

For a change of pace, I flipped to a couple heavier weight spins later in the week. My superwash targhee braid of String of Hearts fit the bill.

strings-of-heartAnd transformed nicely into a cheerful worsted weight 2-ply that measured 188yards.

I also took 4oz of superfine merino in the Rattlesnake colorway and created the smooshiest skein in the history of smooshiness.

rattlesnakeIt’s 176yards of 2-ply aran weight yarn that I am deeply in love with. The neutrals are just luscious.

And finally, having wrapped up all my other spins by about noon on the final day, I decided to just go for it with one final braid. I decided to employ my Very Fast Flyer, but I knew it would still be a long-shot that I finish the singles and plying by midnight. With my husband’s amused encouragement, I just went for it.  And the result…

foggy-morning360yards of 2ply fingering weight yarn in the Foggy Fall Morning colorway, finished at about 11:15pm.

All in all I spun 28oz of fiber into 1706yards of yarn during Spinzilla week. I won’t get into details, but this is way more than I really expected to spin. It happened, literally, because everyone in my house except me became woefully sick. What a weird silver lining! Anyhoo, my Spinzilla total is ridiculous. It’s not like the long draw heroes who literally spin like 30,000-50,000yards of yarn in a week, but considering my life and how I spin, 6,546yards of Spinzilla creditable yards was a lot for me — much more than I anticipated logging. I highly doubt I’ll ever top that, nor do I really think I want to. I seriously can’t imagine wanting to push beyond what I did. To me, this week was a success because I was able to spin my fill, but I took care of myself, too. A big part of our team’s outlook was to focus on spinning while still being good & true to ourselves. I kept up with my exercise routine and ate decently (thanks to my hubby for taking over a fair bit of the cooking!). I stopped when I was tired and got my normal amount of sleep. And when Spinzilla ended, I still felt good enough in mind and body to pick up a new project and keep spinning. For me, the fact that I still wanted to spin the Monday after, that I was still excited and my body felt unphased, that reassured me that I’d done my week right.

All in all, my first Spinzilla was a good Spinzilla. A good way to test the waters and see what I could do. And what fun; to devote a week to spinning, to spin with a fantastic group of ladies, and to come away with so much pretty yarn. It was a monster of a spinning week indeed!


8 thoughts on “Spinzilla Recap”

  1. Since I was in the midst of work hell with 14 hour days back to back, I couldn’t participate this year. Thus, it was LOVELY to be able to open my instagram in those crazy moments and just see beautiful pictures of spinning. I, for one, benefited greatly from your ridiculously large yardage during the event. 🙂

    1. Awww! I’m so glad. I felt a little bananas as I went along as power spinning for power spinning’s sake is so not my jam, but I’m happy with the yarns I made and it was a good way to spend the week with everyone sick. 🙂 And of course, it’s always fun to have team/group events like that.

  2. You did such a lovely job on all of them and SO proud of you for taking care of yourself too in the midst of it all. LOVE the Damselfly – it really speaks to me. KUDOS!

  3. Love them all, but I think blooming treasures and rattlesnake are my faves. Sounds like you had a fun week, given that all others were sick!

    1. Rattlesnake is so much better in person, too. The greys are just on that line between grey & blue. I knew it was going to be good, but it far exceeded expectations. Blooming Treasures was actually a club colorway that I kind of didn’t know what to do with. Love love love the outcome.

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