“Emergence” is kind of a weird word. To me, it evokes the image of unfamiliar creatures creepily appearing from an unexpected place. Like when baby spiders evacuate their nest or cicadas dig their way out of the ground or loads of snakes all start to come forth from their subterranean homes on the spring day when the condition are just right.

img_4809This, of course, should not be confused with our weird pet snake who just occasionally likes to burrow in his tank & then periscope with his head around.

I have been Spinzilla planning and spinning for over a month now and even though the event wrapped up on Sunday night, I’ve continued to be a busy bee. I had offered to help take care of the reporting end of things. I know it’s probably about as normal as my periscoping coral snake, but I honestly like these kinds of tasks, spreadsheets and all. In any case, since the final whistle blew, I’ve been collecting the data and images from my teammates as well as measuring, washing, and setting my own yarns.

img_4810We even had perfect drying weather yesterday afternoon so I got them all set and dried — ta-da! I’ll get individual photos and share all the details about these 28oz soon, but for now I’ll just say that I love each and every skein. They didn’t all turn out exactly as I intended, but I don’t even care. They are all my favorite!

Alas, as today is the day I had slotted to enter all the Spinzilla data to the powers that be, it’s the official  “wrap” of my involvement. I’ve slowly checked items off of my to-do list today and “emerging” is exactly what it feels like to me. After weeks of planning and loads of spinning and basically having Spinzilla on the brain, today is the first step in a new direction. I’ve enjoyed it all, but there is something very fulfilling about checking those final items off my to-do list, each one opening the ‘what comes next’ door just a little more.

And what does come next?

Remember these batts I told you I wanted to spin for my daughter’s birthday?

delia-battsWell, I started spinning them!

img_4805 You would think after 7 days of power spinning I would want to do something else for a few days, but no. I started spinning these Monday and last night I finished spinning all 3-1oz batts spun into singles. I plan to wind them into center-pull balls and create 2-ply yarns from each. They are thick and thin yarns with the idea that my daughter can experiment with a bit of texture on her loom.

And yesterday…

img_4813-2I cast-on for my first every handspun sweater. Pardon the dark photo — this was taken last night and while I could take an updated photo now, honestly, the lighting is not much better as we’re in the midst of a rainstorm. In any case, this will be a Featherweight Cardigan. If the yardage holds out I’ll be making it longer will full-length sleeves, but we’ll see how the yardage holds. Now that I’ve stopped fretting over gauge I’m 100% head over heels in love with this knit. And I’m only about 3″ in. This is going to be a true labor of love.

And with a fun, successful Spinzilla under my belt & in the record books, my periscoping has turned into full-fledged emergence. My eyes are wide. I’m out and about, seeing and relishing all the possibilities that surround me. And as usual, I feel extremely lucky because they all look pretty amazing.

12 thoughts on “Emergence”

  1. well, the spinning is STILL perfect…. and a handspun sweater to boot? I love it so far. 🙂 Your daughter is going to love her present.

    Not caring for the snake photo though – gives me the willies!

    1. Lol! I try to limit the snake photos as I know they freak people out. I swear he’s cute and goofy and not at all scary. I’ve always liked snakes though. Rest assured that I do have pet hangups though, just not snakes.

      I’m really happy with the spinning. Period. ☺️

      1. I can’t describe how they make me feel – I think it is the way they move. If I see one before I get too close, I can deal with it, but oh! how I hate startling them so they scurry away, startling me. Just don’t feel pet-like to me. 🙂

      2. I think I can relate. I have my ‘trigger’ animals that I don’t trust and steer clear of. I’ve never had issues with snakes, but I also never really wanted one as a pet. We got it for my son who really loves them. I will say it’s had a great effect in our kids. Both kids are 100% comfortable with snakes — I figure the more phobias we can avoid, the better!

      3. You are probably right – we learn so much as time goes on. Getting your kids acclimated to the non-threatening scary things in life is a good thing. How do they feel about spiders?

      4. My girl is a little scared of them, but I’m so excited that my son has really beefed up his “I can handle it” attitude with them. I’m hopeful she gets there, too.

  2. I’m so proud of your spinning – all lovely – and the sweater is going to be gor-ge-mous! I’m a nature gal, so the snake didn’t bother me (we have all kinds of critters around my house as we back up to a bayou), but all the lead-up about emergence was a little creepy! 🙂 Speaking of critters, I have a couple of young feral cats outdoors that I feed and they “share” with 2 baby possums every night. It’s a hoot watching all of them eating at the same time and not bothering one another. Your kids would probably love it.

    1. LOL! Sorry for creeping you out! I think it’s that spooky time of year — plus as I was writing a humongous spider dropped down (outside) past the window adjacent to where I was writing. LOL! Sometimes the behind-the-scenes situation gets involved in my storytelling!

  3. I didn’t know you had a snake! That is so cool! You should totally find fiber that is the color of your snake and spin a “snake yarn” from them.

    1. We’ve had him 2 or 3 years. He’s a funny little guy.

      Funny you should say that because I was in the String Theory Colorworks sock club last year and one of the colorways was based off of the coral snake mimic which is what our milksnake is. I got an extra skein so eventually the plan is to make a pair of socks for each of my kids. ☺️

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