A Week of Spinzilla Snapshots

Some weeks here at Chez Knitting Sarah are less glamorous than others. Some weeks both kids get sick and the bulk of the week is spent finding good ways to get them them to rest without boring them. Some weeks I spend a lot of time dodging coughs and sneezes. Some weeks my main job is just being around in case someone needs something and then racing to squeeze all my errands into as little time as possible. So goes the life of a mom though, right?

This week that is exactly what took place here at my house. First one kid got sick. Then the other got sick. We reorganized our school week to rely more heavily on educational videos (we always have a few in the queue in case of emergency). If you’re looking for something new to watch Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey which is phenomenal for any parents or those who just like learning about the natural world. It’s available on Netflix and I really loved it. Thankfully our kids both really love nature documentaries so they are a great way to keep the kids engaged without going stir crazy.ย  With Hurricane Matthew churning in the Caribbean, we also spent a fair bit of time studying his every move and learning all about hurricanes — the science of it, disaster preparation, and all the rest.

This week also happened to be Spinzilla week and while I never want my kids to be sick, if they have to get sick & be worn out by colds Spinzilla week isn’t a bad one for it to happen. Because of the kids not feeling well, really the bulk of my week was spent rather quietly, often watching documentaries which is a pretty good companion for spinning. Since really all I’ve been doing this week is caring for my kids and spinning, I thought I’d just share a quick photo stream here today. For those who follow me on Instagram it’ll be very familiar, but I know a number of readers don’t use Instagram so I thought it’d be fun to share here, too.

I’m spinning with Team Three Waters Farm and as I have a healthy stash from them, I’m delighted that I’ve been spinning nothing but TWF fibers. My week started bright and early Monday morning before the kiddos were up with Blooming Treasures….

img_4760When they awoke and it became clear that my girl was not feeling well, I knew I should just forge ahead…

img_4763And I did.

By the following aftrnoon…

img_4766I’d finished the Blooming Treasures singles and moved on to the Night Light colorway…

img_4765And then that evening I took a brief break with my hubby. We had a little campfire and I spun some non-Spinzilla fibers that I had started on my spindle a while back.

By Wednesday though, I was mostly through a new colorway, my Dragonfly spin…

img_4778This was a last minute addition to my Spinzilla line-up. It’ll be a gift for my mom if she likes it.

And then by Wednesday night, it was time to get plying and by Thursday morning…

img_4780I had made some good headway.

I got up early on Friday (again) and got going on my last bit of plying that I had…

img_4782Dragonfly. And I got that finished up just in time for my daughter to wake up and declare, “That’s one fat bobbin!” It’s true. It’s very full & I’m lucky I squeeze it all on there!

Moose has been…

img_4784Less than enthusiastic about these early mornings.

I spent yesterday on the Damselfly colorway…

img_4787And as the sun was going down…

img_4788I was wrapping those singles up, too.

And before bed last night, because I try to never leave my wheel without a project started…

img_4790I got going on some merino in the Rattlesnake colorway.

I’m now solidly in the “if I suddenly become an amazing speed spinner” realm of my fiber plans. Of course, it’s less about being amazingly fast (because I am not) and more in the “if both kids suddenly fall ill and I can’t leave the house for a week” category. So on the bright side, the leaning tower of fiber I had prepped for this week “in case” is going to good use. I’m not yet sure the plans for our weekend with both kids kind of still not over the hump yet of their colds, but I do hope to finish up my Rattlesnake spin and maybe one other. These last two I’m aiming for slightly heavier yarns, so it’ll be less yardage for my Spinzilla total, but good for some new winter hats. Speaking of yardage, I haven’t bothered to count any of that yet. If I manage to have enough bobbins to not bother until Spinzilla ends, I won’t. It’s less about the yardage for me and more about just enjoying the spinning.

This morning, after this long week of early mornings I’m taking a bit of a delayed start. Both kids slept until 7am which is pretty much unheard of in our house, so I dosed a little later than normal. And then I found myself with a burning desire to make and eat some home made blueberry muffins. This morning it was quite chilly outside and I just thought the warmth of the oven and fresh baked goods would be such a nice treat. Of course, it would have gone a little more smoothly had I realized we were out of eggs before I mixed the butter & sugar. Nothing a quick run to the store can’t solve!

img_4792Muffins baked, kids (and myself!) fed, it’s time to get on with my day. I’ve a little work to do, but hopefully I’ll be back at my wheel before long. I’ve got many yards to go before I sleep!

12 thoughts on “A Week of Spinzilla Snapshots”

  1. Beautiful! If Akerworks ever makes a Very Fast Flyer compatible bobbin I’ll have to get some ๐Ÿ™‚ The muffins look yummy – and I feel your pain on the eggs. I had that happen with pancakes a couple of weeks ago!

    1. I would really love that, too. I love my Akerworks bobbins and if they could work some magic where I could squeeze more yarn onto them that would be incredible. I think I’d use the VFF more if I could fit more yarn on those bobbins!

      1. I do a lot of spinning for weaving, so my VFF is my go-to, despite the low capacity. Unfortunately I think it’s an engineering/aerodynamics issue, and any compatible bobbin by another maker would probably have the same limitation. It would be nice if that weren’t the case!

  2. Your spinning always looks so perfect. And now I’ll go flog myself for not getting any of the Dragonfly when it was available.

    1. We were just talking about that! Dragonfly makes appearances now and then as a special order. Keep your eyes peeled as it’s sure to make the rounds again eventually!

    1. Lol! I’m usually exhausted after I write down what I’m doing! I don’t think of it while I’m in the middle of the doing, but I realize how ridiculous I am when I sit down to recount it!

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