Whole-Heartedly Genuine

img_4110In August I had the great pleasure of doing a swap with a spinner friend and you might recall seeing this beautiful skein she sent me.

img_4113So, so pretty! (You can get your own handspun from this talented spinner from her Etsy shop here!)

The colorway was called “Pebble” so as I was searching for patterns and came across Pebble Beach Shawl, I thought it might just be meant to be. When I noted the yarn would definitely jive with the pattern, I was sure of it.

img_4132Casting-on confirmed my hunch…img_4183And I happily knit away on it, finishing it up on my way home from vacation in August. I blocked it promptly and was all set to take photos.

And then I was sick… for the next month. I couldn’t let my sick face interfere with the beauty of the shawl.

So I waited.

And then the light was just never right. It simply wouldn’t do this incredible yarn justice.

So I waited.

And then all the sudden it had been 6 weeks since I finished it and I still had no nice photos.

Feeling much better, I resolved to get those photos.

And then it rained for a week.

Finally last week despite a cool autumn mist and wind and mosquitoes, I brought it along on a hike and with Mr Knitting Sarah’s help we finally got some photos.

They aren’t spectacular. My darling husband is great at getting photos of people and places, but doesn’t always seem to understand what I’m looking for when I go to photograph knitwear. It’s a fact I don’t think he frets over at all, but he has a lot of patience and tries really hard to help me and I do appreciate it. And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m kind of the world’s worst model. I’m not belittling my looks, I’m just often not aware that I’m making faces…

img_4589Or I have a giant mosquito on my forehead.

img_4598Wait, what?

img_4601Got it. Jeez. If you can get around me being… well… me, you get the idea. The shawl is really beautiful — the colors are amazing and it’s so soft.

pebble-detYou can see them a little better in this close-up — you know, where I’m not in the way of my own photograph.

pebbleHow the blues and greys play together in this handspun is simply ethereal.

I easily could have decided to go back to the drawing board on these photos. I could have opted to wait for another day with better light, fewer mosquitoes, and where maybe I wasn’t making such weird faces. I laughed and rolled my eyes a lot as I looked at these, but as I flipped through them I also noticed how perfect the colors of the shawl are for me. Oh how I love the blues and the greys and the texture of the handspun, created by the hands of a spinner I very much respect and admire. And I thought about handspun, how it is by nature is so unique and has so much personality. And I realized that I didn’t need to take new photos. These photos may be a little goofy, but they are authentic. For better or worse they are 100% me and isn’t that the best way to honor a handspun yarn? To take a yarn created by a lovely friend that is wholly unique and beautiful, knit it into a very pretty shawl, and then just wear it with joy & laughter and show it in a whole-heartedly genuine moment. It may not be ‘picture perfect’, but I don’t know that I could honor this incredible project more.

12 thoughts on “Whole-Heartedly Genuine”

  1. Oh, you should not worry about being “perfect” in photos. You look great, and like a real person, not a cat walk model. πŸ™‚ And that shawl, it is beautiful as you say, and looks great on you. LOVE the colors and the pattern.

  2. I LOVE the way the shawl turned out! That is yet another on my looong list of ones I want to make. 😦 It’s fun seeing you being you – much better than a runway model – especially since we’re online buddies and don’t see each other in person – it helps to enjoy your funky personality – the best!

    1. I am definitely a little on the weird side of things *and* I laugh a lot — LOL!

      I would definitely recommend this pattern. It was a lot of fun and really not hard at all.

  3. The shawl looks great – I love those colors, too! I also love your pictures; I’m a terrible model working with a photographer (like you, my husband) who isn’t always on the same page that I am. I finally got a dressmaker’s form and have been relying mostly on that to show things off, but I’m still including shots of me that I cringe at. Anyway – thank you for being you & for letting that shine through!

    1. A dressmaker’s form would be a good work-around — smart idea! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a deal on one. For now though, we’ll just keep up with the hilarity of working as a slight dysfunctional (in photography) team.

  4. Great pics of a beautiful shawl. I much more prefer the ‘real’ look vs the paid model & photographer look when photographing hand knits. Sorry for your forehead, but I love the mosquito aspect of the story. Definitely makes it ‘real.’ πŸ™‚

    1. Nothing but real life here! You know, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have some weird/hilarious/ridiculous obstacle in our way to accomplishing something. I’m a-ok with that!

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