Like a Freight Train

Life truly does keep moving on and on… like a freight train. Doesn’t it? And now we’re so deeply entrenched in the “must soak up as much sun and nice weather as possible” mode that being inside during the day for stretches of time beyond school & rainy days is a rarity. The crispness of the morning air is an ever-present reminder that winter is on its way and we have much to do before it arrives, so balancing indoor tasks and outdoor fun (and chores) is a very delicate dance. We’re muddling through, though, as we always do.

Despite being a little late to the game, last week we made our way to the Wade House for their Civil War Reenactment weekend. We actually spent two pretty full days there — Friday with their “school day” and Saturday at the actual reenactment event. The school day is really cool and I’m so thankful we were allowed to sign up even though I called just a couple days before. They break you up into groups of 20-30 students and you move through stations that highlight different aspects of the war.

img_4487You hear Abe Lincoln talk…

img_4488Get to hear some period music… And a bunch of other very informative things. Our kiddos are at the perfect age to soak up the info in this type of environment and it so enriched when we went back on Saturday. We really had two gorgeous days for it and I’m so glad the kiddos got to experience this incredible event.

It does seem that autumn is more or less in full swing here and we’ve been spending lots of time outside, soaking up all the wonderfulness that is the season. We took a wonderful meandering hike yesterday…

img_4531And there were all sort of signs of the season.

img_4690Trails littered with fallen leaves…

img_4693Chilly woolly bears…

img_4539And those moody, end of summer/beginning of autumn colors.

img_4710My hubby created a nature checklist for the kids to keep them engaged and help point out some seasonal changes and it made for a pretty wonderful morning. Mr Knitting Sarah was also kind enough to help out with taking some FO photos, too, so those will be coming soon — let’s all say three cheers for his help! We had a mid-morning picnic and then made our way back home for the afternoon. Unfortunately my hubby seems to be catching the upper respiratory situation (which we now assume was likely pneumonia) that I dealt with over the last 6 weeks, so had a chillaxed afternoon.

I was able to work on my Three Waters Farm Summer’s End singles…

img_4717And finish them up…

img_4718I love that this spinning project has a totally different mood depending on where you are in it.  I plan to chain ply this and I’m really excited to see the results.

I also managed to buckle down and get some Spinzilla prep done.

605c2055-7d1e-4ebe-9b21-9cdc43f8776aPardon the plastic baggies — they aren’t pretty, but they are helping me keep things in order for the busy week ahead. I do have a couple more braids I hope to prep — whether I get to them for Spinzilla or not is kind of a moot point since they are next up on my list anyway.

Of course, having finished up two knitting project over the last few days there was also some casting-on that happened…

img_4722A simple vanilla String Theory Colorworks stripey sock using my new Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina 9″ circs to fulfill my need for mindless sock knitting.


img_4721A colorwork hat.

Having written all this, I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t life that is moving along like a freight train. I always tend to look at it this way, but I make the choices that keep me this busy, don’t I? As all the beautiful scenery moves by step-by-step on our hikes, as I truck through project after project and school subject after school subject, perhaps, just perhaps, it’s me that’s moving through life like that big ‘ol freight train. Either way, I’ve got brownies coming out of the oven and math lessons to correct and maybe some stitches to sneak in here or there. It doesn’t look like I’ll be slowing down any time soon.

8 thoughts on “Like a Freight Train”

  1. You are so busy and get so much done – I am glad that some of that is fun stuff – I feel quite certain there was laundry and housework and grocery shopping and cooking in there as well as all the things you mentioned. Love the hiking photos and the Civil War adventure. And of course, the knitting and spinning. 🙂 I also use baggies for my spinning – helps me keep it clean and free of cat hair, and also organized. They are a good tool, if I don’t think too hard about what happens to them when we are finished with them. 😦

    1. Yes, except the grocery shopping — hubby usually does that. 🙂

      I usually just use my little dollar store bins, but I’m trying to be a little tighter on the organization with Spinzilla coming up as I’m prepping a little more at once than I normally do. I’ll be sure to reuse that baggies a few times!

      1. lol I can’t wait to see what you do for spinzilla!

        I use two baggies for the fiber prep – and then store the finished yarn in one of them, use the other for the next spin. I am pretending I don’t need to invest in anything more complicated, that I won’t grow a stash. Delusion, I know. 🙂

      2. Hey, you never know! You may be the most disciplined person in the history of people. I’m through my first 5.5oz or so of singles. I’m thinking I’ll try to finish up another 6 before I ply, but I may ply sooner. I haven’t decided yet.

      3. not hardly! I live with someone who has little appreciation for the fiber in our lives and house so I have to make rules that keep her feeling it is under control, but also let me knit and spin all I want. 🙂

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