6 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

    1. I’ve got Romi Hill’s Swoop on the horizon which I think should be a good balance of interesting and cruise control knitting. And I really need to knit up a vanilla sock — I’ve been jonesin’ for that lately!

      1. I have Romi’s Swoop as well and it intrigues me. I’ll be curious how it goes. I do love Romi. Yes, and after the last Summer Sock, I’m ready for vanilla socks too!

      2. Maybe this will be the year I make Christmas-y socks for me & the kids? Or maybe I’ll just do a few sport weight socks… First, I suppose I do have that sweater to finish though!

      3. Your list is just like mine – never ending. I can live with it! I have some green and red self-striping yarn I should make for Christmas socks – now I’m inspired and one MORE thing on my list. Thanks – I think… 🙂

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