Five Days, Five Spins: Day 2

My second skein this week comes to you via my favorite dyer, Three Waters Farm.

heartache“Heartache” is one of those colorways I picked up because it reminds me of my daughter, but also because I have a really hard time resisting the orange-y almost metallic colors that highlight braids like this one. This braid is dyed on a 60/40 polwarth/tussah silk fiber — one of my absolutely favorite blends just because it’s going to drape and shine with abandon.

img_4221Somewhat appropriately I started spinning these singles on a day when our daughter had somewhat of a catastrophic meltdown of epic proportions. She made some bad behavioral choices and then made some additional less than stellar choices. Not horrifying, but — you know — 8year-old rebellion-style. Suffice to say it was a day of struggles and this fiber was a small bright spot in a difficult day.

I aimed for a 3-ply. At first I thought I wanted to make a worsted weight, but it just wanted to spin into very light singles and in light of the day I was having, I didn’t have it in me to try to convince it of something different.

img_4260Sometimes, you just go with it.

I went with a pretty high twist when plying.

img_4283Just because — again, sometimes you just have to listen to the yarn because sometimes it really does know best.

heartache2I love how nicely the colors blended to make a predominantly light pink…

HeartacheWith hints of depth and a little edge in those rusty purples and oranges and golds mixed in for good measure. It reminds me of a certain someone. How appropriate!

heartache3This 3-ply skein ended up about 310yards of fingering weight yarn. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll make with it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a little lady who it will suit to a T — who knew a heartache could result in something so pretty?! Now to just find the right shawlette or hat pattern to suit the two of them…

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