Five Days, Five Spins: Day 1

I sat down to write this morning and share some of my latest projects when I realized I had exactly 5 fresh skeins of handspun yarn to show you and I thought, “Five Days in the Week, Five Spins — how perfect!” So this week, I’m going to share a spin a day with you. Fun, right?!

I thought I would start the week with a new-to-me dyer, Nest Fiber Studio. I got my 4oz of BFL in the ‘Agaricus” colorway via Ravelry destash.

The label says it was the May 2015 fiber club colorway. I acquired it because Nest has great word of mouth in the circles that I spin in and I really wanted to try it for myself. When you are someone who largely spins from just one or two dyers, it’s always interesting to venture into new territory and see how other dyers handle color and their fiber.

I opted to spin this fiber with my Very Fast Flyer (because they were the only bobbins I had left!) into a traditional 3-ply.

img_4261As you can probably see, I split the thirds in progressively smaller nests to great some interesting barberpoling. I found the Nest BFL spun in the soft & easy way to which I’ve become accustomed with other dyers. Such an enjoyable fiber to spin!

nestThe finishes skein is lovely, don’t you think?!  The colors in this fiber had a very soft transition between them so much so that there is almost a uniform consistency in the way that at least 2 out of the 3-plies blend throughout the skein almost giving it the appearance of a 2-ply — so interesting!

nest2I was hoping to create yarn for socks, but I don’t quite split the fiber into equal portions so I would up a teensy bit short in yardage as I had some waste. Ideally I’d like to have 360 – 375yards of fingering weight yarn for a pair of socks, but this skeins is just about 340yards of yarn. Can I still make socks? Sure, but I’d most likely want to bring in a solid color for the heels & toes, maybe short the length of the cuff a little, and possibly work them toe-up 2-at-a-time to get the most out of it.

nest3Or maybe I’ll just use it for something completely different. Whatever the case, it was really an enjoyable spin.

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  1. it’s really pretty yarn! It would be too bad to not make something perfect with it… but it does look like it would make beautiful socks. Maybe for your daughter? (evil chuckle follows)

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