Red Hot & Blue

I’m from the school of thought that every month’s braid from Three Waters Farm’s Top of the Month Club is pretty wonderful. This month’s braid, Red Hot & Blue…

img_4038It’s on an 85/15 Polwarth/Silk base and it lasted all of about an hour before I got spinning.

img_4040I couldn’t help myself!

Having spun a couple worsted weight barberpoling skeins a recently, I had it on the brain a bit and decided to spin another with this lovely fiber.

img_4053I used my Spinner’s Control Card again to get the singles in the realm of what would get me a worsted weight 2ply when all was said and done. I’m really learning to like that tool a lot.

img_4064With regards to prep and color handling, I didn’t get too precious about it. I split the braid into thirds according to the color repeat first. Then I split one of those thirds in half and put one half with each of the 2 remaining thirds (this isn’t getting confusing at all, lol!). Then I prepped each half into smaller nests; one that would spin starting from the pink side of the color repeat and the other half to spin starting with the blue. And off I went.

I finished the singles in good time and then got down to plying. As I plied, I worried that I had spun the singles too light as the yarn looked thin compared to what I had aimed for. I knew I hadn’t been perfectly consistent, but this looked like I’d missed my mark. Regardless, I finished plying using an Andean plying bracelet to use up every last bit and then I popped it in the wash.

And, wow did it poof up!

img_4126And sure enough! It measured in at about 8-9 wpi landing it squarely in the worsted category.

Can I show you another close-up?

img_4131I’m happy with the spinning and even happier with the super colorful yarn.

img_4128I have to measure out yardage, but I would guess I’m in the 200yard range and I’m definitely thinking this needs to be a hat. I went through my knitted hats recently and I realized that with my upsurge in spinning this year I really need to upgrade my hat collection. The only question is… will my daughter steal this one as soon as it’s done?

16 thoughts on “Red Hot & Blue”

  1. um, yes she will. Better order another braid!

    I completely understood how you divided the braid. That is what I tried to do with my Summer bouquet, and I think it would have worked well if I hadn’t lost my end. It still worked fine, just different. Anyway – this morning I split color tag the exact same way to try again. I think barber poled multi colored yarns make fabulous hats. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link for the spinner’s control card; just now ordered one for myself! My goal in to spin more consistently and I hope this will help! Your skeins always look so beautifully balanced.

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