While I’m Away…

If you’re a regular reader, you may have been following my growing infatuation with spindle spinning. It started in earnest this spring and has been steadily growing. In fact, I’ve even started grabbing a spindle and some fiber either along with or instead of my travel knitting these days. It’s something I truly never envisioned I would do, but here I am, travel spindle spinning.

One challenge I’ve been facing, however, is how to keep my spindles safe when I’m on the go. Having invested in some higher quality spindles, I’ve been worried I might accidentally break one while in transit. They are small and although pretty tough, they aren’t invincible and I found myself stressing about the possibility of breaking or injuring one. This worry, of course, led to me picking and choosing when I’d bring my spindling along with me. So I started searching for spindle cases or bags or anything that might be a little tougher than the regular knitting project bags I’d been using. And then I caught a photo from a fellow spinner on Instagram, @keninmaine, who found a small container designed to keep food fresh that he showed holding his spindle & fiber. Perfect, I thought!

His, I believe, was sized for cereal or spaghetti, but I thought I could find something a little smaller so it would more easily tuck away in my bag for everyday tagalong purposes. While perusing the kitchen wares at a local store I notice the travel cups. The first day I did not buy because nothing was on sale and I was not about to spend $30 for this item. I resolved to keep my eyes peeled. The next time I found myself in the kitchen wares department, I found a hot/cold travel bottle on sale for $10 and I thought I’d give it a try.

img_4054Perfect, indeed!

It’s got a wide mouth, so getting the spindle & fiber in and out is no big deal, it’s more or less watertight, and it’s slim enough that it easily fits in my bag — the three main criteria I had. The photo shows one of my Akerworks Mini Spindles and my current spindle project, but this container actually just fits my longest spindles (the Bosworths), too. It’s definitely not as nice as the one I saw on Instagram, but for $10 it does everything I need it to do. Perfect, indeed.

So this little bottle can travel with me where ever, whenever now and I never worry about my spindles’ well-being. In fact, we took a last minute trip up to my parents’ house at the end of last week to celebrate my dad’s birthday and my little tagalong tagged along.

It went from where I’d left it at the end of the Tour de Fleece…

img_3934To this…

img_4031To this…

img_4037And all the moments in between, my spindle was in its $10 ‘protective case’ perfectly, wonderfully safe.

The best part of this little development is that it is totally enabling my desire to spindle spin daily. I appreciate that my little spindle spins so nicely, that my Three Waters Farm Top of the Month from August is so beautiful, and that while I’m away from home it all can be safe & sound as it comes along with me on all my adventures. I’ve found that there is something beautifully meditative and relaxing about spindle spinning. I adore that it is a practice in patience, in slowing down, in simplicity.Β  I’ve become a true believer that it’s a worth-while daily practice on a number of levels. How exquisite that making it a daily practice just got easier!


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    1. I bet you are right!!! This is actually smart, my needles have poked through my project bags more than once with socks, too. This would definitely solve that problem!

      1. So now you need at least one more – one for knitting and one for spinning. I presume you already have one that is actually for water? πŸ™‚

  1. I keep my spindle in a wine bottle carry case. It has a handle, is compact but big enough, and the lid slips off and on easily. Since I use a supported spindle, I actually put my spinning cup on the top and sit the carry case on the floor to spin. It’s a great working height.

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