Tour de Fleece 2016 Wrap-Up

Since the Tour de Fleece wrapped up on Sunday, in lieu of a week 3 summary I’m just going to take the whole kit and caboodle and do a wrap-up of the whole event. All my skeins are washed and set and dried and I have approximate weight & yardage. I’ll take the time to get a proper wpi measurement and yardage for each before long (I hope), but — let’s be honest — sometimes getting around to that takes time and I just didn’t want to wait to share.

I’ll start by saying that this was by far my busiest Tour to date. The Three Waters Farm Team was crazy-amazing (crazmazing!) and so very hopping — as of today I see almost 4900 posts in the team thread. And I read each one!  So that took some time. I also had a lot of other non-spinning things going on. As I’ve mentioned, my friend has been helping me fix the landscaping around my house — I like to call my landscaping ‘my gardens’ — and it’s been awesome and things are really starting to take shape.  We’ve got all the big changes that’ll happen this year done, but every day I’m weeding and doing some little this or that. We’ve been doing it on a shoestring, so of course that just means it gets fixed through time, hard work, and a lot of sweat. I’ll get some photos of that soon. I’ve also been working on my Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club — I’ve got pictures of this, too — I swear, but I’ll save those for another post. Throw in our family days, trips to the pool, hikes & walks, and a trip up to my parents’ house, and it makes for a darn busy 3weeks.

But there was spinning. Oh so much spinning! How about if I just introduce you to my 8 new skeins?

img_3992Wait, you say. I count only 7! Well, that’s very true. It’s because this beauty has already been adopted so it missed the family photo op.

bark detThis was my lone Classy Squid Fiber Co spin, Bark. This fingering weight 2ply was half spindle spun, half wheel spun & plied on my wheel. It came out to about 350yards. It’s very happy and well-loved in its new home.

From here on out just to make things nice and tidy, I’ll go left to right from the photo of the collection. All of these fibers are from the magical dyepots of Three Waters Farm.

So on the far left is my skein of Birds in the Holly.

img_3993This is mean to be an insurance skein. The goal was to match as closely as possible with my first skein of Birds in the Holly so that I would have a yardage cushion to knit a sweater. I haven’t measured, but eyeballing the two they look close enough to me to work. This is somewhere in the realm of 500yards. In the interest of full disclosure, this was the last skein I was winding and I totally lost interest in counting. So I know it’s at least 500yards — I’ll be interested to, you know, actually stick with it and know for sure. Suffice to say, it’s the yardage cushion I was hoping for.

Second from the left, you’ll see Stolen By Bandits.

img_3997This is 85/15 Polwarth/Tussah silk and this is totally not what I’d originally intended to do with this fiber. But I love it. It’s about 200yards of 2 ply approximately worsted weight yarn, heavy on the barberpoling. I love it.

Third from the left, you’ll find Lone Grasshopper.

img_3999As you can see, I’d fallen down the 2-ply, worsted weight barberpoling rabbit hole. This skein is also about 200yards and I love it, too.

And smack dab in the middle is Laundry Pile.

img_3994Oh, hey! It’s another 200yards of 2-ply worsted barberpoling goodness! It’s worth noting that while I’m kind of having fun here showing them off, since I’m much more accustomed to spinning lighter weights and I was actually shooting for worsted weight yarns, I was actually being somewhat careful. I used my Spinner’s Control Card religiously to make sure I stayed on the right track. It was excellent experience and really taught me that I could indeed spin for a certain weight — even a weight that I’m not necessarily comfortable with. Henceforth, that tool is going to be at the ready at all times!

Next, of course, we have the Three Waters Farm special TDF colorway, Summer Jubilee.

img_4001It’s a chain plied merino/nylon blend and in the 300yard sport weight vicinity. I cannot wait to knit these into socks.

Second from the right, is Violet Shadows.

img_3995This 60/40 Polwarth/Silk was selected by my mom. I used my Very Fast Flyer to try to squeeze this into the very end of the Tour and then I plied it on my Fast Flyer. It was all a little speedy and thus, scary, but I hung in there. I was really concerned I had too much twist in the yarn, but it all turned out A-OK. It’s a beautifully balanced 360yard skein of heavy fingering-ish weight yarn. My mom loves to knit up little scarves and shawls and this will be perfect for another.

And last, but certainly not least, Early Blooming + During the Day.

img_3996This big beauty is 1100yards of fingering weight glory.  4oz of this were spun pre-TDF, so I’m not quite sure how that figures in my totals for weight and yardage. I’ve just been leaving it out, with a mental asterisk that, hey, I did that beautiful behemoth skein, too.

Oh, and of course, I spun a teensy tiny bit every day on my Akerworks mini-spindle.

img_3904Now that the Tour is over, I’m actually hoping to give it a little more of my attention.

So that’s it! That was my Tour de Fleece 2016.

Approximately 2110yards (plus half the big beauty)

32oz of fiber spun into yarn

I cannot say enough great things about my teammates and my co-captain, Mary Ann from Three Waters Farm. The constant encouragement, inspiration, and just plain fun that took place on the team was out-of-this-world. It was busy. It was hectic. It was FUN. It was a fantastic 3weeks. I can’t wait for next year!

16 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece 2016 Wrap-Up”

  1. Such a beautiful pile of yarny goodness Sarah. Each one is an awesome spin. Thanks for such a fun TDF (my 1st) you are a great motivator.

  2. lovely! I checked out the “photos only” thread throughout the TDF, and what those spinners (and you) can do is amazing! I just placed an order for three braids from TWF, Etsy tells me they shipped, so I am impatiently watching my mailbox. 🙂 Can’t wait to work with them. LOVE that huge skein you got – I can see I need a jumbo flyer. 🙂

    1. Ohhh! How wonderful! I cannot wait to see what you’ve picked! If you have time you’ll have to share with us in the Ravelry group.

      I will say for lightweight yarns the jumbo flyer is good and bad. Great to get those big skeins, but the whorls are pretty slow for how much twist you need in the lightweight yarns.

      1. Oh, you know me, I will share. 🙂 Mary Ann sent me an email telling me to post photos for prizes each month, so OF COURSE I will – prizes are good things.

        That is good info on the jumbo flyer – so your hands have to go slower in relation to your feet? Maybe to the point where spinning is considered exercise? 🙂

      2. The jumbo flyer will put less twist in per treadle than a regular or lace flyer. So if you’re creating super light singles or plying something like fingering weight yarn it can take a very long time to get enough twist in the yarn. Personally I would not have the patience for it for lightweight singles and I barely have the attention span for it with plying fingering weight. That said, I love having it — it definitely adds options to how and what I can spin!

      3. good info to have. I am lured by the big bobbin size, but as I just blew all discretionary money for the foreseeable future on wonderful wool, I will continue to ponder my choices and do nothing different, lol.

      4. LOL! I know that course of action well! I tend to save tool purchases for birthday/holiday money. Last year’s birthday money was for bobbins & a niddy noddy that breaks down easier for travel. Year-long though, my budget tends to go to fiber. 🙂

      5. yes, I was actually thinking that the flyer would be a great Christmas present for someone special to get me, lol. And it nearly killed me to spend the 13 dollars on a 4th bobbin the other week – I could get a lot of natural fiber for that money…. but I know I will be glad I did when I get spinning a big lot.

      6. A fourth bobbin is important — just look at it as a long term investment. That’s how I view all my spinning and fiber prep purchases. Most of those things you’ll buy once and use for years. The fiber is the amazing fun and shiny instant gratification. Find a balance that works and definitely put those big ticket items on the ‘ol Christmas list!

  3. Gorgeous yarns, Sarah! I had to come over from IG and get the details. You spun so much – how you did it in the midst of co-captaining the team and all of your other activities… you are amazing!

    The Bark from Classy Squid is STUNNING, it has been on my radar as a potential purchase – must have. 😍

    1. Thank you! It was a busy 3 weeks, that’s for sure!

      I noticed that Amanda at Classy Squid Fiber Co just posted that she has a version of Bark in her shop now. I love Amanda’s batts & rolags — you should definitely try it out when the timing is right for you!

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