Summer Sock Club – June Socks are Finished!

The first installment of the Feel Good Yarn Co hand-dyed SilverSpun yarn for the Summer Sock Club arrived a few weeks back.

img_3545‘Blueberry Buckle’ is a fabulously lush blue — and I should know, being the blue fiend that I am. The accompanying exclusive pattern, Kate Atherley‘s Sneaker Socks, was the perfect match, too. Nice and simple, they were the perfect go to for car & park & pool knitting…

img_3686And even some marvelous lake side knitting.

This pattern was very well written and contains some really lovely details that really make for a great sock.sssockclubI’m absolutely positive I’ll be using this pattern again in the future.

And the finished socks are simply wonderful. First I have to share a detail shot…

img_3810Can you see that incredible gleaming silver? It’s fantastic & creates such a beautiful fabric.

I really love how the designer handled the gussets — it makes avoiding that pesky little hole that sometimes appears a non-issue.

img_3809Everything easiest knits up nice and perfect.

img_3808By the time this post goes lives, these beauties will be on their way to my mother-in-law. I’ve been slowly, but surely knitting socks for her and I thought these luxurious lovelies would be the perfect addition to her sock drawer.

I’ve gotten a sneak peak at both the pattern & yarn for the July installment of the Summer Sock Club and it is going to be really fun. Mum’s the word though on that project until it lands in the hands of the other club knitters. I can’t be ruining any surprises now, can I? It’s lucky I’m a good secret keeper because this one is pretty hard to keep!

8 thoughts on “Summer Sock Club – June Socks are Finished!”

  1. only wish my socks at the heel could look any ways close to your lovely socks … Any suggestions? picking up the stitches is so difficult and leaves a hole many times

    1. Are you talking about that little hole where the heel connects to the instep? The simplest solution I usually utilize is I pick up an extra stitch in that spot and then just do an extra decrease. If you’d like a couple tutorials on how to pick-up stitches easily, shoot me an email at knittingsarah[at]gmail[dot]com and I can get you some good links. 🙂

  2. They are beautiful – I love the gleam of silver in the blue – like moonshine on the ocean. 🙂 And that lake picture of yours is Vogue-worthy. Nice job all around. 🙂

  3. These socks are gorgeous. I love the pattern and the yarn looks wonderful. Wish I had joined in on this one. Well I can’t wait to get this pattern next year! Enjoy the July installment, I can’t wait to see what it is.

    1. Thank you! Yes! It’s such a fun club — I feel very lucky I get to be a part of it! The July installment is super fun — I got a start on it already and I’m having a blast! Pictures will be coming soon!

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