Tour de Fleece 2016 Week 1 Recap

My first week of the Tour de Fleece has been not quite as dramatic with wooly exploits as other years. The stars finally aligned so that a friend and I were able to schedule some long-awaited time to make an effort to tidy up my yard & gardens, so many hours were spent with a shovel in hand. Some was spent with my friend’s most wonderful company & guidance and some working furiously on my own to carry out the plans we’d laid. I’ll share more on this experience later, but I am happy to report that I completed the last big push for the job yesterday — whew-hoo — and I’m so incredibly happy with the results.

As you might suspect, the hours spent in the garden has been time not spent with my wheel and has been a workout for my hands and back that hasn’t necessarily been spurring me forward in the Tour de Fleece. But I’ve spun daily and made steady progress and really that was the main goal this year.

I finished up the 4oz of the luxuriously lovely blue called During the Day.

img_3804I photographed it here with my bobbin of Early Blooming  with which I plan to ply it.

I also managed to spin up 4oz of the lustrous ‘Laundry Pile’.

img_3805I spun these singles a bit thicker and I’m hoping to have about a worsted weight 2ply with lots of barberpoles in it.

Currently on the wheel I’m working on the Three Waters Farm official Tour de Fleece 2016 colorway, Summer Jubilee in the Superwash Merino/Nylon blend.

img_3803I’m a bit over halfway through the braid and I’m hoping to maybe finish up the singles today. I’m aiming to create a yarn that’ll be appropriate for socks. My mind’s eye sees fun, bright, stripey socks. To me, perhaps the perfect

Also in progress, I have one Classy Squid Fiber Co spindle spin in the works.

img_3806This is my very let-your-hair-down spin — something I’m learning to embrace with batts and rolags from Classy Squid Fiber Co. I’ve really come to love just letting the texture have their way. This is my first experience spinning texture on spindles and it’s been such a treat. I have another ounce of rolags to spin which I’ll do on spindles and then a coordinating 2oz batt that I plan to spin on my wheel and then ply the two together.

And last, but definitely not least, I’ve got the teeniest, tiniest start on a new project…

img_3807This is Three Waters Farm ‘Satisfied with Summer’ just started on my new Akerworks mini spindle. I’ve been spinning just a staple length or so per day, so the progress is very slow but I adore how quick this little .41oz spindle flies and the ultra lightweight yarn it loves to create.

And that’s it! That’s my week 1 for the Tour de Fleece! I hope you’ve had a great week, too, if you’re spinning!

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    1. Traditionally I’ve gone a bit bananas during the TdF. I’ve spun as much as 64oz (most braids are 4oz), so this is pretty reserved for me. It’s been a good pace for me thus far considering what I have happening in life. 🙂

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