In Review: Spinning Stupendous Singles

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this review with you! As you may know, I’m not someone who has an easy time getting away for classes & retreats and when it comes to spinning, I’ve never had any formal training. I’ve had extremely generous help from friends in real life and online which has been priceless. And then I’ve also found the little gold mine of Craftsy spinning classes. I think at this point I actually have all the spinning classes they offer except for two (and I’ll most likely get those eventually, too). As a very visual learner, they’ve proven to be so incredibly helpful both the first time I watch them through and — almost more importantly — in that I can go back and re-watch certain techniques as I experiment.

Today, I’d like to tell you specifically about my experience with my latest class, Spinning Stupendous Singles taught by Amy King (and share a discount code for the class, too!). Singles yarns are something I’ve always enjoyed knitting with, but have generally shied away from in spinning. Getting the twist just right always seemed like a feat too great (or too scary) for me. Sure, I’ve done a few and they turned out pretty well, but — I don’t know — it’s always kind of felt like I was missing something. The process was not fun for me and mostly I felt like I was just holding on for dear life and taking a huge leap of faith instead of feeling in control of what I was creating. When I got the opportunity to try Spinning Stupendous Singles, I did a different kind of jumping — the ‘yes, please!‘ variety!

As with all my Craftsy classes, I watched it all the way through once before going back and then spinning up some yarns. I went into the class thinking I’d work solely on perfecting my singles technique and ended up trying some of the fun ‘extras’, too. It’s always such a great feeling when you go further than you expect, isn’t it?

First I spun just a very basic single that’s about worsted/aran weight with some stash Rambouillet.

cloudlover single detThere’s still a smidge of over-twisting in there, but it definitely improvement over previous singles.

cloudlover singleYes, this class was definitely taking me somewhere — of that I was sure!

Next, I had a braid of superfine merino/cashmere/silk in my stash. I bought it before I knew to avoid felted braids and this one was pretty felted. Instead of fighting with it, I thought, “What if I kind of embrace the felted spots and spin a thick & thin?

green wholeAnd I adore the results!

green detailI’m fairly confident those little spots of extra twist will relax when I knit them up as the skein as a whole is very well balanced. Best of all, spinning it as a thick & thin yarn really, really made what could have been a slog of a spin with all the less than perfect spots into something actually really fun. I never would have thought of it had I not just watched this class — talk about lucky breaks!

Feeling pretty chuffed with with myself after these last two skeins I decided to get really wild and crazy and spin a two color thick & thin. Amy King spins one in the class and I was intrigued by the technique, by how easy she made it look, and by the resulting yarn.

think n think bigI used a 100% merino in a vibrant blue for the thicker spots and a merino/silk in grey for the thinner spots. It was SO FUN to spin and I seriously cannot wait to see how it knits up.

thick n thinI think the soft & smooshiness of the merino really exacerbates the awesome here. I just love it!

And then, I had some blue & grey left over. What to do with them? Around this time, I happened the mention to my dear mum that I was thinking of picking up some nylon embroidery thread to experiment with and she saved me the trip to the store & gave me some thread she no longer could use. It was perfect. So I made this…

blue sparkSpinning with a taglong thread was a technique in the class I just thought looked so fun & easy.

blue sparkle detailAnd it really was!

Finally, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to spin a wool-silk blend into a single. That always intimidated me to no end. With the confidence I’d gained through this class though, I went for it.

greyAnd I am wowed by how well it turned out. I didn’t know I had it in me!

I think it’s pretty clear to see that I really enjoyed this class and learned a ton. And there’s still a lot more for me to explore, including some more fun techniques, spinning thinner singles, and spinning singles yarns on spindles. So much spinning adventure ahead — I cannot wait!

Knowing that some of you might really enjoy this class, too, I am so pleased to be able to extend a class discount to you made possible by the generous folks at Craftsy. Now through July 13th, simply click on this link to get 50% off the cost of Spinning Stupendous Singles — this means you can take the class and have lifetime access to it for just $19.99! Whether you’re new to spinning singles or you’re looking to perfect your skills or maybe just try a few new techniques, this is a fantastic chance to really dig into singles spinning. I hope you’ll give it a whirl!

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    1. Yes, do! I thought it was really helpful! Seriously, just watching how she does the ply back test over and over really helped me be able to identify when I had the twist ‘just right’. I know it’ll be require a lot of practice, but I feel like I’ve got a good start on mastering the skill now. I’ll have to try a lighter weight singles yarn soon, too!

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