The 1+1+1 Project: Q2 Wrap-Up & Q3 Plans

Near complete failure is one way you could describe my second quarter for the 1+1+1 project. It’s not often that I miss goals so spectacularly, but it happens and Q2 for the 1+1+1 project is proof.

My Hamlin Peak sweater…

kestrel sweaterDidn’t quite make it to the spot where you divide off the sleeves.

My Swoop shawl…

dyeabolicalDidn’t even make it to the yarn cake stage.

Thanks to compact cars and vacations, though, I did manage to complete my spindle spin.

img_2758-1I had 4oz of rolags from NaturallyKnitty that I started spinning (barely) last summer — 2oz of “Grumpy Rainbow” and 2oz of “Honey Mustard Fun Dip” and the goal was to finish this up (finally).

spindle spin2And I did!

spindle spinAll the singles were spun with my little fleet of spindles (yes, my lone Golding now has a posse) and then I plied them with my wheel. Part of me would have liked to have tried making a plying ball and going that route thus keeping the project spindle pure, but in the end my desire to have something finished for Q2 won out. As it is, I can hardly believe that I have a 500+yards skein for which the singles were entirely spindle spun. It’s not as consistent as my wheel spinning, but considering it’s my first large scale project of this nature I’m very please with how it turned out and I’ve already got my next spindle spin all planned out. If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of falling in love with my spindles.

As with most things, I could choose to dwell on words like “failure” and “spectacular miss,” but instead I’ve been thinking about some song lyrics. A while back, my hubby purchased the song “Pompeii” by Bastille and I’ve read that the lyrics are meant to be a conversation between two people in the city of Pompeii as it’s being destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. There’s a lot about the song I like, but there’s one line that tends to stick in my head:

“How am I gonna be an optimist about this?”

I think about this line a lot. For every failure, there are opportunities to learn and explore where you went wrong. If you want to see it, there’s always a way to find something positive that came from the experience. Oftentimes, it’s worth re-evaluating, was it really actually a failure or just a change in plans? For me in Q2 of the 1+1+1 Project, it’s easy to understand what happened. I had the option to try a couple new yarns and I took them. I was chosen to participate in the Akerworks Lazy Kate test and I jumped at the chance. And those couple times I said “yes” really knocked me out of the running to complete the goals I’d laid out for myself. I could choose to see this as my own shortcoming, the failure to prioritize what I’d set out to do or I can choose to see it as a testament to one of my strengths. Because this is a hobby that I control, I have the flexibility to shift and change plans based on the opportunities that present themselves. I won’t say I’m happy I missed my personal goals, but I wouldn’t do anything different either if given the chance to make those decisions over again. I got to try out some wonderful yarns and come to love the AkerKate. At the end of the day, I’m thankful that I can create goals to drive myself forward with my craft, but that my knitting and spinning aren’t set in stone so that I can take advantage of great opportunities when they come my way. While I failed in the short term, the long term, big picture is — in my opinion — a raving success.

So what do I take forward into Q3 from this experience? Summer is a busy time and I’ve already got a bunch of commitments, so I’ll be setting some incredibly realistic goals involving those commitments to try to get back on track for Q3.

First, I’m planning to have fun in the Tour de Fleece.

tdf binThis is my favorite event of the year and I’ve pulled some fantastic fibers with which to start. Sure, I’ve got some things I’d like to get done and I’ll address those at the start of the event on Saturday, but suffice to say the main point for me is to just spend time spinning and relish it.

tdf bin detI mean, really, there’s so much pretty here how can I not?!

Second, I’ll be knitting up my socks for the Summer Sock KAL with Feel Good Yarn Co.

sssockclubI’m finishing up the first sock in the first pair right now and the next skein is coming shortly. There will be three pairs in total and as usual they are great car/beach/playground/pool knitting for me. And the yarn & patterns are just scrumptious.

And last but not least, for my third +1 I’m going to attempt finish the 2 items I failed to finish from Q2.

img_2757I’m going to work toward finishing Hamlin Peak. It’s such a fun knit and will be another fantastic car/beach/pool/playground knit.

And my Swoop shawl…

img_2756It’s going to be gorgeous and so fun. Period.

If you’re finding yourself in my very behind shoes, I ask you, how are you going to be an optimist about this? How will you create realistic goals for yourself going forward?

10 thoughts on “The 1+1+1 Project: Q2 Wrap-Up & Q3 Plans”

  1. Here’s my take on it… With knitting (including spinning), the most important goal is to relax and enjoy yourself! If it’s all about work, that doesn’t do well for me, as I use knitting to ‘chillax’. I view goals as a guideline – if I’m constantly missing goals because I’m procrastinating, then that’s a ‘shame on me’ and I feel bad about myself. BUT, if I’ve missed goals because they had to shift to do a special gift, etc., then I just change the goal and move forward. Good for you with all you accomplished! May not have been the goals you set, but you surely got a lot done. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

  2. You should be proud of what you did get done! That is gorgeous yarn, and you did it on your spindle(s)!!!! The rest will happen as the universe wants it to.
    I am in love with your TDF pile of fleece – so pretty!!!!! I have not posted about my spinning in a while because I wanted to finish what I am working on, and your pile makes me want to finish it fast and go get some pretty stuff. I have my eye on some three waters braids…
    That being said – sweater and shawl are going to be beautiful, and I know you will be glad to have them come fall. And the days are getting shorter. 🙂

    1. That they are, that they are.

      Fair warning that the TWF colorways often sell out quickly, but the shop is constantly replenished with new fibers. If you have a colorway you *really* want that you miss, you can always special order — I think her minimum order for special orders is 8oz.Personally, I never have a problem finding colors I love, but I thought I’d pass that info along.

      I’m really excited about my TdF pile, too. 😀

      1. thanks for the info – it seems like there is always something there I can live with. 🙂 but 8 ounces isn’t a bad thing, either. I keep thinking about sweater quantities… hmmmm.

  3. I’m just starting to spin with a supported spindle and the hardest part has been giving up perfection and going with the flow. I’m spinning cotton I grew in my garden last summer so the fiber is extra special. And I’ve found that I’m spinning incredibly thin strands! Something I haven’t done with my wheel. All the little slubs seem to disappear when plying. Enjoy your projects, whatever they may be.

    1. How incredible to spin with fibers you grew! Plying does indeed forgive a lot, for sure. Supported spindles are on my list of things to try — I’m hoping to maybe try some out at our local Sheep & Wool festival this fall and then decide what kind to buy. Enjoy your spins, too!

  4. In my opinion, your missed goals are reflective of “living in the present.” An opportunity presented itself and you jumped on it. The chance to do something that was not on your list allowed you to have a new experience. The planned projects are just a wee bit delayed and you have no regrets. In my book, that is a resounding win!

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