Storm Cloud Over Flowers

I have another long overdue finished spin for you and then — believe it or not — I’ll be moving more into the present, perhaps even churning out a couple finished knits as I’m oh-so-close on a couple! Hooray!

Today I thought I’d share a spin that became another part of the Akerworks Lazy Kate test.

img_2966This beauty was the April Top of the Month from Three Waters Farm (April? Yes, I’m 90% sure it’s April’s. Yes, I just checked. April, for sure). This was the first month that I switched to the wool-silk blend option for the club, the thought being I could go wool-silk for a few months and then switch back to wool probably around the autumn or colder months. We’ll see about that though – these silk blends are awfully nice!

img_2984You can just see the shine! This is 75/25 BFL/Tussah Silk and like all forms of BFL from Three Waters Farm, I simply loved it. As you can see, I used my Very Fast Flyer again on this spin and it went so much better than previous attempts. Dare I say I have the hang of this tool?! In any case, since I’m short on bobbins — I really need to spring for at least 2 more for the Very Fast Flyer to be able to really start to use it — I opted to spin for just a simple 2-ply.

img_3346-1It was the very last plying I did during the test with the AkerKate and it really did turn out just as I wanted it.

img_3372-1I’ve started to learn that minor discrepancies in twist to even out in finishing. I used to fret about those so much. Now, not so much.

wholeWith yarn turning out like this, you learn to relax just a little and not stress about the little inconsistencies.

pileThe BFL silk blend really has beautiful drape. It turned out to be about 520 yards of light fingering weight yarn and I’m pretty certain it’s meant to be a shawl. It would truly would be a delight.

detailThe colors are just so subtle and muted and lush with little *pops* here and there. You can really see where it gets its name — “Storm Cloud Over Flowers” — certainly suits it. What a beautiful way to round out a busy month of spinning… and get inspired for another month of spinning with the Tour de Fleece!