Spring Spirit in Summer

img_2447I got this fiber in March…

img_2595And started spinning it in March.

I thought that was pretty good, especially for me.  I had a grand plan to do a chain ply with accelerating stripes thanks to a very talented spinner & knitter in the Three Waters Farm group who did the same and then knit a boomerang that looked amazing, so I split the yarn in a way that would hopefully yield these results.

img_2967Finishing up the singles really didn’t take too long at all.

And then, as I often do I held off on plying it until I had a couple more projects. And that reasonable wait turned into a really long wait because it rolled into the group of yarns I would use for the Akerworks Lazy Kate test. So what started as a March project had its finish date pushed back into late May/June. These things happen. I’ve been learning to deal with being behind lately. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I’m working on re-setting my schedule these days and am counting on July to be some sort of great equalizer where things feel more ‘on track.’

But I digress.

img_3385In the beginning of June, I finally got around to plying.

Now I want to share something with you. These are not my favorite colors. In fact, I rarely buy these colors. There’s is something about yellow-greens that unsettles me. That’s the beauty of fiber clubs though. Getting ‘surprise’ fiber every month really challenges me to explore colors I normally wouldn’t. Sometimes I find that…

wholeI actually really love these colors I think I don’t. Because I really thought I would be kind of ambivalent about this spin, but I actually adore it now that it’s yarn.

detailPart of it is that I really like Falkland wool and I think the chain ply turned out so nice and even. I feel a little like a broken record when I say, this is probably the most commercial-like yarn I’ve handspun. It is very round and pretty darn uniform. I suppose there are worse things than to continually be saying, “This latest spin is my best spin yet” though, right? So let’s just go with it, ok?

pileThe other part of why I adore this skein is the colorway. It’s not wound to show off the color runs — it was 90 degrees here as I was rewinding it and I wasn’t really in the mood to get too precious about the job. I do LOVE the colors though. I just find this collection of hues so interesting to look at and I’m truly excited to wear a garment made from it.

 It’s true that this Spring Spirit has taken its time making it’s way into yarn, but it was certainly worth the wait. What a lovely thing, to have a little Spring Spirit in Summer!

12 thoughts on “Spring Spirit in Summer”

  1. so pretty! I am with you – really don’t like what I lovingly call “puke green”. 🙂 But then I see it in things like this and think “wow, it is the perfect complement to the colors I do love.” My Mom recently gave me Gail Callahan’s book on hand dying, and she talks quite a bit about the surprise color, the unexpected color, the color that makes the whole thing go from boring to fabulous, and that color is usually at the opposite side of the color wheel – thus, yellow-green for the purple-blues. SO emnbrace it, it sure is beautiful in that yarn you made (which ois CLEARLY the best skein yet.)

    1. I was laughing with a fellow knitter last year at the wool festival because we were talking about our favorite sweaters. Hers is orange and it just so happens most of her wardrobe is teal. Mine is gold and it just so happens my favorite color is blue. No coincidence that they are complimentary!

  2. That yarn is really pretty. I just started spinning some Falkland. A new fiber for me. I really like it.

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