A Simply Lovely Hat

A few weeks ago I share these mitts that I made for my daughter.

mitts prettyKnit with my handspun, she’s been using them non-stop — often at times when I question how on earth she’s happy wearing wool when it’s 80 degrees outside. In any case, the story goes that I cast-on a matching hat for her using Hannah Fettig’s Simple Hat pattern and my girl immediately begged me to let her knit it herself.

Any self-respecting knitter, any self-respecting mom doesn’t say no to this request. Not even if the yarn is precious handspun that you LOVE knitting.

I turned the project over to my girl and she got knitting. Within a couple days I could see the 112 stitch rounds were wearing on her. She’s 8, after all, and those rounds can take a while. While my mom was visiting and had forgotten her knitting, she knit on it for a bit. And then about a week ago my daughter — who has switched gears hard to spinning with her spindle in preparation for her first Tour de Fleece — told me that — “Oh, by the way, mom. You can finish that hat if I want to.” Any other request and I’d probably have pushed for her to finish on her own. But it was the precious handspun that I LOVE knitting. I grabby hands that project like a pro and got knitting.

The timing was great as I needed a simple project to take with me to the kids’ homeschool park day. Finishing only took me a couple glorious handspun knitting hours. I was a little concerned I’d run out of yarn, but I just made it.

img_3375I love it when I win at yarn chicken.

The finished hat? Can I just say…

large viewI. Am. In. Love.

It’s hard to convey in words how incredible it is to be a part of the process of taking this beautifully dyed fiber and creating a yarn that then knits up into something as pretty as this. It’s just a wow to which I don’t know I’ll ever become immune.

detailI really hope I don’t. Just look at those vivid colors — no photoshopping here whatsoever. This is pure doctored, vibrant colors.

on her headCan you see the little beaming smile? She was so excited to wear her new hat. It was 81 degrees when she insisted on wearing it.

And I don’t blame her. Not one bit.

14 thoughts on “A Simply Lovely Hat”

  1. it is a wonderful hat, and it is so amazing that it is your beautiful yarn, too. It is these simple pleasures that make life fabulous.

  2. LOVE the yarn, but love the smile on your daughter’s face even more! A serious treasure all the way around.

  3. What a great story – three generations of hands-on knitty love. The yarn is gorgeous, and the pattern looks especially cute on your daughter. Yarn chicken? I’ve never heard that term, but I’ll probably be using it from now on!

    1. Yarn Chicken: when you know you’ll be close on having enough yarn and it all comes down to those final stitches to find out if you’ll run out or not.

      The hat pattern is Hannah Fettig/Knitbot’s Simple Hat. It’s a go-to basic hat for me because it is written for three different weights so it’s very versatile. 🙂

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