Way back in March, I received some lovely yarn in the mail and an equally pretty pattern.

img_2464Louet’s pattern collections always contain such pretty ideas and their 2016 Spring Collection is no exception. Designed by the fantastic Susanna IC, Veleta is a simple sleeveless top knit in Louet’s wonderful Euroflax Sport.

Both the front & back of this pattern are worked identically and it’s really an excellent ‘autopilot’ knit.

img_2590I did a very large portion of this knitting while supervising my kiddos during our little waterpark adventure in March.

img_2778The non-waterpark portions of this knit were mostly just little breaks here and there throughout my day.

Before I get to the FO, I want to talk just a bit about my experience knitting with linen. One question I heard a number of times from other knitters during the course of knitting this project was concerning their stitches being too uneven when working in linen. It’s totally understandable because wool has that natural spring and energy. Stitches kind of just even themselves out a fair bit while we knit with wool. Linen is different. Linen really doesn’t have that spring and your stitches will sometimes kind of look wonky and you may be compelled to try to even things out ‘manually.’ I’m here to say that barring major, major discrepancies you really don’t need to do so.

Note my somewhat uneven stitches while knitting.


And my nice even stitches after it’s been through the wash.

stitch detailI did nothing beyond run it through the delicate cycle in my washing machine & lay it flat to dry and my stitches looks nice and neat now.

Another question I got was how to handle the actual knitting with linen. Without the bounce and elasticity of wool, it can be easy to tax your hands when knitting with linen. I’m here to say, just relax. Relax your wrists & your hands and embrace the character of this wonderul yarn. It’ll be a joy when you do!

OK, I digress. On to the FO!

img_2971I really enjoyed the simple lace edge as much (or more) than the stockinette sections. Alas, I have a lot of pictures that look like this — my beautiful top folded and draping beautifully. I’ve had it finished for a couple weeks now, but couldn’t bring myself to model it in the chilly weather we’ve been having. Finally, yesterday I had my chance. I cornered my son and got those proper FO photos.

outtakeJust kidding! In case it isn’t obvious, this is an outtake. I discovered on this ‘photo shoot’ that if I make a lot of funny faces and do a bunch of weird poses that it makes my son laugh. Thank goodness for digital photography.

side view on 2Oh hey! Now I don’t look like I’m in pain. Isn’t the top cute?

front onI love it, I really do!

flatIt’s just such a simple, pretty piece to throw on over a camisole.

edge detailAnd again, I just love this detail.

I’ve machine washed it twice now and it’s nice and soft and drapey and it will only continue to become more soft and drapey with each wash.  I do so love Euroflax Sport — it’s great to work with & seriously washes up so nicely. And now I’ve got this fabulous top in a super comfy yarn to layer with this summer. Veleta is truly a little piece of summery perfection!

10 thoughts on “Veleta”

    1. Oh I’m glad. I had some REAL funny photos, but I think I have to work up to sharing those types! And thanks for the kind words on the top — I certainly love my linen knitwear!

  1. Your top is just beautiful; flattering color and the lace is stunning! And a question, if I may. I have noticed your coffee/tea mug in several pictures. Where did you find it? I have not seen mugs with spinning references and I would love to have one for myself! Thanks for any help in the direction!

    1. Thank you! That blue is one of my favorite colors!

      The mug is from Herdy (a UK-based company) and it’s part of the Wool Journey Mug Set. My hubby got them for me a few years back for Christmas and unfortunately,they are no longer available. 😦 It’s a shame as they are awesome (and one of mine got chipped!).

  2. Love the photos including outtake! The piece is gorgeous on you. And your son is becoming quite an able photographer!

    That lace is so pretty, it really makes the top.

    1. I think his photography improves with my level of goofy-ness during the process — lol!

      I adore the lace — and it was SO FUN to knit after the loads of stockinette. It’s a great pattern!

  3. Wow! That top is perfection on you! The fit and color are perfect. I hope this doesn’t come off as rude (or creepy) but, have you lost a ton of weight? Maybe I’ve just gotten used to seeing you in puffy winter wear, but you look great.

    I laughed at your 1st photo. Before reading that it was an outtake, I thought maybe it wasn’t as warm out as you’d first thought. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! And no, I’m not creeped out, but flattered! I’ve lost about 20 or 25lbs since October. I’ve hit a major plateau recently, but I’m at the high end of where my weight should be so I’m ok letting my body adjust before working on the last 5 or 10lbs.

      I’m glad you liked the outtake! I am often a little shy about sharing them, but I had a lot so I went for it! Plus, now that I know it makes the process more fun for my son I will definitely make more faces and goofy poses. ☺️

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