7 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

  1. Your yarn is so pretty – you have a lucky girl for sure! And if she learns to knit her own things, think how much more time you will get to spend spinning, to keep you both in yarn!

      1. wow – how cool that she can learn it all so young! Soon she will be wanting her own wheel and your house will be full of pink fluff!

      2. She already is asking to use my wheel. I feel very bad, but I’m loath to share. If she keeps up interest maybe I can find a nice little used one for her. I would love that, so we’ll have to see if she would, too.

        Secretly I wish my son had more patience to knit because he has a insane natural ability.

      3. It’s OK to not share your wheel – and I feel pretty sure you can find a used one for her if you put the word out, you will get a trillion offers. 🙂

        You never know about your son, he may develop more patience for it as he grows older. You never know when he will decide it is fro him. My stepdad spent three years ina VA hospital after WWII, and he kept himself from going crazy by crocheting afghans. He would raffle them off to the nurses and use the raffle money to buy more yarn. Who would think a 20 year old guy would come up with that scheme to while away the days until he was healthy again? Always good to have a hobby. 🙂

      4. We shall see I guess. Eventually maybe we’ll find a good fit for her. As for my son, we’ll just have to wait and see. I had thought about having each of them knit a hat for school last fall, but didn’t get there. Maybe this year is the year! It would be good to know how to do whether he knits one or bunches. 🙂

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