While I Was Away

Last week was technically a vacation week for my family. We knew it was going to be a little abnormal for us because of work responsibilities, but we were determined to make the best of it. The first half of the week we relaxed a little and did our first bird watching walk of the spring migration. We stayed close to home and tallied 56 species of birds, saw a mink, and met up with this little guy, too.

img_2844My girls loves to handle snakes. Here she was literally cooing ‘Easy there, little fella’ to this guy. I love it.

For those wondering, this is what the Marsh looks like these days.

img_2835 It’ll green up quickly from here on out, but this wide open landscape really never gets old to me.

Around mid-week, we headed up toward my parents’ house for a visit. They live in the country — or if you ask my son, ‘the wilderness’ — so it’s a nice spot to enjoy some peace and quiet where the kiddos can run and set off fireworks and climb on my dad’s tractors.

img_2905I don’t know that I’ve seen this kid much happier!

We took part of one day and got everyone up to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary for a nice walk before lunch. On the way out from lunch, my hubby almost stepped on a poor little Brown Creeper that had a apparently collided with the door. Being in a pretty urban spot and only a couple miles from Bay Beach, we opted to drive him back to the sanctuary where he could recover properly and have better odds at survival.

This is the little guy in my hubby’s hand during his ride in the car. He only got loose once while I was driving — something I would not recommend, especially if you’re like me and not a big fan of things flapping unpredictably by your head normally, let alone while driving in a city with which you aren’t familiar. Does this kind of thing even happen to other people? I wonder. In any case, the kids ran in with the hubby to drop him at the rescue desk & named him ‘Lucky.’ Lucky we found him, lucky he was perking up so quickly, and — according to my daughter — lucky that he’d probably be the only Brown Creeper that would be able to tell his friends about the time he got to take a car ride.

That night we enjoyed a chilly campfire.

img_2914An event that, of course, involved some knitting. A day or two earlier, I treated myself to casting-on socks with my Light in the Trees handspun.  I knew it would be the perfect travel project, so I just couldn’t resist. Instead of going the Toe-Up route I originally considered, I opted to use a leftover brown I had for the cuff, heel & toe so they’d be a bit sturdier and so I wouldn’t sweat the yardage going Top-Down which I tend to prefer.

The mister and I even took a day to ourselves. The kiddos stayed with Grandma & Grandpa — Grandpa kindly helped each kid build a birdfeeder even! — while we hiked and hiked and hiked in the beautiful weather. I took no photos, but our first stop was Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve. I have to share, though, because it had some lovely trails and because we must have been close to the Garter Snake emergence because there were a lot of snakes. Like, in the right spots you’d take a step and you’d stir up a half dozen snakes. It was incredible! I also glimpsed my first Kinglet of the year which was a treat – such cute little birds!

We enjoyed a simple & delicious picnic overlooking Green Bay – the body of water, not the city – & returned to hike some of the deeper trails at Bay Beach. There we saw Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers and even got great looks at a Pileated Woodpecker. One of my favorite birds, I rarely manage to see it when it isn’t flying away from me so it was extra special.

 I also almost stepped on this guy.

img_2918He was easily the size of my palm. Ribbit! Oh, it is definitely springing around these parts!

I went on to finish up my first handspun sock…

img_2920And I started the second on the way home…

img_2922I did take my wheel and got to spend some time with my Birds in Holly spin. We were busy, though, so it didn’t get a ton of attention until we got home yesterday.

img_2927Now I’m a little over halfway through the second half of the fiber. It’s a really beautiful colorway & I do love Rambouillet fiber.

All in all, we had a lovely little break and it was nice to be away even if it was just a few days. As always, though, we’re happy to be home.

img_2925Moose is sticking close-by though, just in case we decide to take off again.

10 thoughts on “While I Was Away”

  1. Being such a nature lover myself, I’m always delighted with your outdoor reports. I love that your daughter isn’t afraid of snakes, and the Brown Creeper story was wonderful. PLUS you got socks done! What a perfect trip!

    1. It was great to get away for a couple days, indeed. This girl isn’t afraid of of much. Not too fond of spiders, but otherwise she is cool as a cucumber with all the world’s creatures — much moreso than I am!

      I seriously wonder how many people come back from vacation with these stories. It’s always something with us — the tent poles break in high winds or a bird gets loose in the car or we hike in slippery mud for 2hours. So many stories and memories created!

  2. Lovely…Just lovely. Everything is right up my alley (including the tractor…which I learned how to drive before I learned how to drive an auto)…EXCEPT the snake bit. Ewwwww! I mean them no harm, but they really.creep.me.out! 😀

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