Reinvent + Antarktis

Quite a while ago I received this beautiful skein of yarn for review.

img_2346Ancient Arts YarnsReinvent is such a unique yarn. Made from reclaimed fibers, it’s a blend of 49% wool / 34% mohair / 11% nylon / 4% acrylic / 2% silk. In my hands, it felt very much like a BFL blend and while I briefly considered using it to make socks, eventually I landed on a shawl. To be exact, I chose Antarktis by Janina Kallio.

img_2444As soon as I started to knit it, the true beauty of the subtle variations in this purple — named ‘Kismet’ — came into full view.

img_2542-1Antarktis is a very fun, well-written pattern, but with as busy as my February and March wound up being, it took me a little longer than normal to knit it up. To be sure I didn’t accidentally add or subtract repeats, I used a row counter and took notes which I am not always so great at. So while I actually loved the knitting a great deal, I had to pick and choose when I pulled it out. I didn’t mind letting this knit last. The yarn was a joy to work with and the pattern — as I said — was great fun.

As is often the case in projects with openwork, the true fabulous-ness of the project came into full view during blocking. I will do almost anything to avoid using blocking wires because the patience to set them is something I tend to lack, but I would definitely recommend them for best results here. It’s so worth the time. Blocking wires in combination with Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers are ideal. Why am I making a fuss about it? Because the results are so worth it.

flatThis photo gives you an idea of the shape and shows you how beautifully the Reinvent holds that blocked shape. It’s phenomenal.

Now take a closer look with me.

det2And you can start to see that subtle color variation in the purple show through (don’t mind the white specs — it was snowing).

OK, now a little closer.

detAgain, pardon the white dots — if I had waited for a clear day with no snow or wind you might not see this until June. Look at how lovely the stitch definition & how rich the colors. It’s perfect.

Blocked out it’s a really lovely size overall, too.

onI love it wrapped around my neck. Note the snow pelting my right side in the photo some flakes leaving streaks as they flew, the 30mph wind blowing in my hair and the shawl. I don’t think it matters though. Antarktis still looks graceful and lovely even in the inclement weather. I think it does ‘windswept’ oh so well.

While I can’t rave enough about Antarktis, I have to say that Ancient Arts Yarns’ Reinvent really exceeded my expectations. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in knitting up a shawl. It’d be an especially good fit for shawls with lace elements as its really proven to be wonderful at holding its blocked shape and really showcasing openwork. With loads of colors to choose from, Reinvent should definitely be on all our short lists for shawl knitting this spring & summer.

13 thoughts on “Reinvent + Antarktis”

  1. Great pattern, which I’ll go snag. I love the color variations in the yarn. The pattern was a great choice for it, showing it off, but not a boring pattern. Good job!

      1. MUCH funnier – and today’s post goes along with that. They say it will be 60 degrees today. Hard to imagine as it was down in the 20s when I left for work this morning. But I will take it. Definitely feels like spring is gaining – peepers last night for the first time!

      2. wow – wonderful! We had the windows and doors open for a bit after work yesterday, we will slowly get things aired out, until it is normal to leave windows open 24/7 for a few months. 🙂

  2. It is a sign. You are the fourth person “I know” who has knit thiss hawl in as many weeks. Up soon on my needles.
    On another note, following my success on the wheel, I’ve finally taken to drop spindling like a duck to water. I own a spindle, and have both a Golding and a Bosworth coming to me. Making the move from someone who spins to a spinner.

    1. It’s a wonderful pattern! It’s not quite cruise control knitting, but well worth a little added attention.

      And I’m so happy you’ve embarking on a little spindle journey, too! I have a little flock now for my current rolag project including Golding, Akerworks, and (soon) a Bosworth. It’s very fun to try out the different makers’ work & I’m really finding spindling addictive. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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