Expect the Unexpected

Last fall I saw this combination on the Three Waters Farm Instagram feed.

                                                             Photo credit to Three Waters Farm.

Mary Ann is such a master at combining colors and as soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to see it spun up. I saved my pennies and eventually placed my order.

The holidays came and went and then when January rolled around I put it on my 1+1+1 project list for the first quarter of the year. It just so happened that the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group was hosting an ‘Unexpected Combos” spinalong in March and, aside form the fact that spinning 12oz of fiber in one month was a little tight for me, it fit just perfectly with my plans. When March rolled around, I got to work straight away.

img_2455I started with the braid of ‘Dirty Girl Redux’ on BFL + Silk.

img_2475And I made pretty quick work of it.

Then I went on to ‘Agate‘ Polwarth + Silk.

img_2529And before mid-month I was through it…

img_2533On to Heart of Hearts, also on Polwarth + Silk.

img_2546I’ll admit my sometimes short attention span was a little worried about a tonal being a little… blah, but this was anything but. I loved every second.

 Before I knew it the plying — traditional/standard 3-ply — was almost done.img_2664With one tiny hiccough…

I ran out of of the Dirty Girl Redux quite a bit before the other two colorways. We’ve discussed a bit the ‘why’ of that and most likely I inadvertently handled that braid slightly differently when I drafted because it’s a different blend than the other two. It also probably made a difference that it was the first of the three spins and I may have just spun it a bit heavier. As a curious spinner, this was kind of fascinating to me as I recall having a sense that it was going to be a little different. No bother though since the resulting 3-ply  is pretty spectacular.

3ply det2I don’t know how to explain it all that well except that it’s almost like a neutral red (if that’s a thing).

img_2677I think because that 3-ply nature blends colors so nicely and the silk creates a noticeable shine, all the distinct flavors of color are toned down into one, cohesive elegant impression.

3ply extremeAnd the skein itself is a monster. 1100 yards of light fingering/fingering weight yarn.

3ply pileThat’s pretty much a world record for me.

And that’s not all.

Remember how I said I ran out of the Dirty Girl Redux component of this spin with quite a bit of Agate and Heart of Hearts remaining? Well, I figure I might as well spin the remainders of that yarn into a 2-ply and see how that looks.

img_2679It looked pretty fantastic and I was pretty giddy. This ‘unexpected combo’ was truly unexpected and what an amazing surprise it was!

2ply closeupSo much like it’s big sister the 2-ply, but deeper & rich. The red sings just a little more.

2ply pileAnd just like a parent with two kids, I honestly can’t pick which one I like better because they are both beautiful in their own way. The second skein, the 2-ply, the ‘leftovers’ wound up being a whopping 520yards of lace weight yarn. Yet another HUGE skein for me.


I’ve got no immediate plans for these skeins. Honesty, I’m still having trouble believing that I spun them. Technically, these felt like a real leap for me both in consistency and sheer yardage. Aesthetically, this color combination is just out of this world. I’m just going to kind of stare in awe for a little while. Sometimes, you just have to bask a little in this kind of beauty and be thankful that I was open to expect the unexpected with this spin.

17 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected”

  1. What spectacular yarn you made! You know I adore a 3 ply so much, and that 3 ply is just amazing. And what a bonus skein! So exciting!

    1. Thank you! I still can’t get over it. The yardage especially (for me) is huge! I mean, I’m pretty close to little sweater yardage there. I’m beyond pleased with this spin!

    1. Thank you! I had to frantically double check when I read your comment (and make the correction) the 2 braids were Polwarth + Silk, not Merino + Silk. I assume the same may be true there, too. Either way, I still think the bonus spin was fantastic! πŸ™‚

      1. I was writing through the early stages of a migraine this morning – lol – so I spaced on fiber blends – lol! Great to keep in mind though for future projects!

  2. These skeins are absolutely gorgeous Sarah!!! Beautiful work! And yes, I second shoelaceswitcher, BFL can be much denser than fine wools like Polwarth. I’d suspect the silk content might make up for the difference in bulk between wools, but perhaps not! Polwarth is super bouncy. Regardless, both skeins turned out great and with so much yardage you’ll have plenty of options for using them! I really must spin up some fine yarns soon – very inspiring 😊

  3. I am relatively new to spinning, so I am absolutely gobsmacked by this lovely yarn. It never would have occurred to me to blend three colored rovings in that way. I’m sharing this on FB so the other members of my spinning group can see it.

    1. Thank you! I started when my daughter was about that age, although she’s my youngest. I’ve really come to love spinning though. It’s super relaxing for me. πŸ™‚

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