Two Way, TWF (Three Way Fun)

In my last post I mentioned the Three Waters Farm SAL + KAL featuring Susan Ashcroft’s Designs. One thing I didn’t mention is that how involved and engaged and 150% awesome Susan was throughout. She helped guide us toward designs she thought would work well with our yarns, she encouraged & cheered us on, and she was just all around an incredible addition to the group. Furthermore, she actually created a new pattern inspired by the group — how cool is that?!

The TWF (Three Way Fun) is described as such on the pattern page:

TWF = three way fun (three options; one even gives you 3 different looks from a single cowl)

But TWF was also designed as a little tribute to Mary Ann and all the fine spinners over in the Three Waters Farm group (they are running a KAL using TWF fibre and my patterns until the end of Feb. 2016 – link to the KAL).

I picked the stitch thinking it was a good way to represent ripples for “Three Waters Farm” and only spotted their logo after I’d made the first cowl – the similarity is uncanny.

I love everything about it — from the inspiration to the design itself — and simply had to knit it up as soon as I got it!

I grabbed my skein of Lingering Light Targee 3-ply from the December Top of the Month Club

DEC2015TOMCAnd I got to work!

img_2300I knew there would be some striping and normally I would never mix stripes and a lace motif, but because the motif is such a small portion of the cowl I actually think it works really well together.

img_2318And I’m super happy with the results. It’s reversible, which is pretty neat…

det twfThe stockinette side…

det rev stock twfAnd the reverse stockinette side both look great.

twf twf 2I tend to lean toward the reverse stockinette side, personally.

And I loved both the making of this project as well as the resulting cowl enough to think to myself, “Self, what about that skein of Dyeabolical Themyscira handspun that’s been in your stash for two years. You know, the one that you kind of didn’t spin super well, but still think is really pretty — do you think this pattern could work for it?” When I look back at my notes, it looks as though I 2-plied this and then n-plied my two ply. I don’t think that’s really a thing one should do, but I did it and had 160yards of pretty, but kind of wonky yarn.

Themyscira detailThe answer? Would this pattern work?

twf dyeabolical flatYeah, it would.

dyeabolical twf detIt’s a mixed BFL + Tussah Silk blend and it’s a heavier weight, so it’s definitely has different personality than the Lingering Light version, but I like this one, too.

dyeabolical twfA little more drape, a little bigger stripes or colorblocks, but pretty all the same.

I love that this pattern is super versatile. Instructions are included for light fingering through bulky weight yarns in a variety of yardages, as well as a stockinette/reverse stockinette version, a garter version, and a half garter/half stockinette version. I think three way fun is an understatement! This is definitely a new favorite pattern that I’ll be using again & again and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Susan Ashcroft’s designs. Yet another fabulous discovery through a fantastic Three Waters Farm event!

6 thoughts on “Two Way, TWF (Three Way Fun)”

  1. They are both lovely! And, I highly encourage the 2 ply then chain ply, though obviously your result shows you that you totally CAN do that.

    If you were to plan it though, just give the 2 ply extra ply twist, then chain ply in the direction of your original singles. It works fine!

    1. You are such a guru and I love you for it! I will DEFINITELY plan to try that out sometime in the coming months. I’m always so nervous about giving up yardage for chunkier yarns, but I really need to get over that. I think experimenting with different techniques will help. Time to break out Sarah Anderson’s Book of Yarn Designs!

      1. I’ve started purchasing more than 4 ounces of everything, in hopes that I’ll be OK with giving up yardage. And then I spin my old way anyhow. So, what I am saying is that I need to pull out my copy too. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked from the book.

      2. I hear that! I, too, tend to get a min of 8oz these days, but for me it’s because after trying to improve with my heavy weight singles I’ve struggled to get light weight ones – lol! I’m spinning more these days and – like you – I just need to get the book out and experiment. It’s been too long indeed!

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