Snowfling Mitts, Version 2

Two years ago around this same time of year, I purchased the Snowfling Mitts kit from Tanis Fiber Arts and knit up these fantastic mittens.

snowfling mittsAnd over the last two years they have been some of my most used mittens. Made in stranded colorwork and lined with a cashmere blend, you can surely understand why — they are very warm and very soft! With all the use they are holding up remarkably well, but my darling daughter has taken a liking to them. Our daily walks began to require wheeling and dealing to see which of us would get to wear them. And if you know anything about me when it comes to sharing my knitwear, you’ll know I was often left hunting for a different pair.

As I’ve mentioned, on my little birthday getaway trip to Spin of Door County I picked up some Madelinetosh DK & Pashmina so I could set about making myself another pair. I opted to make them one of my goals for my One Plus One Plus One Project this quarter and thus gave myself both permission and incentive to get them knitted up.

img_1842-1And that’s just what I’ve done!

img_2230Of course, once I start with colorwork I can never put it down. I worked both of the outer mitts first…

img_2257And then quickly moved on to the linings.

And now they’re done!

topsideI absolutely adore the mix of different snowflakes on the top of the hand. Personally, I don’t think the light blue/grey blend of the Cloud colorway could be any more perfect.

palmAnd the simple starry design on the palm is just like a light snow. I was aiming to be just a bit more relaxed with my gauge with these than the first pair in order to make them just a smidge roomier and I’m happy to report that my plan worked out perfectly and this pair is just exactly the size I wanted. I also diverged from the pattern in that this time around I went with the designer’s original impulse and made the picot edge the darker color. I opted for the darker edge partly just to try something a little different and partly because — I’ll be honest — the black/grey won’t show the dirt & wear the way the light blue/grey would. Oh, and instead of sewing the picot edge down I picked it up and knitted it at its turning point just to avoid the sewing. It’s not and neat and tidy as a sewn picot edge, BUT it saved me some time and it really isn’t noticeable when you’re actually wearing them.

As for the lining…

peekI’m not usually one to be very creative or, you know, skilled when it comes to pairing and coordinating colors. I usually seek (a lot) of help for this task, but when I saw the “Byzantine” colorway, I knew it could be no other way for these mitts.

snowfling insideoutI can say nothing more than I whole-heartedly adore how they turned out.

As they were off the needles, I laid them next to my computer so I could admire them while I got some work done. Within moments, my daughter sauntered up to have a look. She tried them on and said,

“Mom, can I have these? I really think they fit me perfectly.”

(For the record, remember they are a little big on me and she is 8).

I replied, “Oh, but I made these for me so you could have my red ones with the white snowflakes. You know, the ones you are always borrowing because you love them so much.”

(She pauses to admire my precious mittens.)

“No, I really think I should have these new ones.”

And with that she took it off and walked away.

We haven’t revisited the topic yet. It’s anyone’s guess how it’ll go down, but I’m guessing that the most likely outcome is that we’ll negotiate into some sort of scenario in which we share the two pairs. I won’t ever complain or deny my kiddos my knitwear, but for certain special projects I think I’ll always reserve the right to make them share with me.


28 thoughts on “Snowfling Mitts, Version 2”

    1. I think at the very least we’ll share and that’s fine by me! I did get to wear them yesterday because my hubby took the kids to the library while I walked the dog. 🙂

  1. I love these – and of course, the red ones, too! Lucky I don’t live in your house, neither you nor your daughter would get to wear them, lol. I agree that you just need to keep churning them out in a variety of colors… or better yet, make a pink pair! Then you can get these back. Until your son tries them on… 🙂

    I actually have been looking at the kit for these for a while now but she seems to be out of stock. Perhaps I will just have to get the pattern and see what I have in stash that would work.

    1. I have been thinking about the other mitten Tanis has with the hummingbirds. I could make those in pink for my girl…

      They’re listed as out of stock because the shop is still closed from the holiday break. I think I read that their baby has been pretty sick for a good of the break, so since it’s a family operation I am guessing that’s delaying the reopening. I am partial to the TFA yarns as they are a good price and very good quality, but my Madelinetosh DK + Pashmina worked well, too.

      1. Oh, I hope the baby is OK! So hard when the littlest ones are sick. I’ll keep checking back. And of course, I could always just order the pattern, not the kit.

        I think your daughter would LOVE the hummingbird mittens! 🙂

      2. I think I read it was an ongoing on and off common illness type thing so nothing too serious, but the kind where no one gets much sleep for a long time. 😦

        Yes, do keep checking because they should reopen soon, I think. I believe they were going to change how they put kits together this year, but once they’re open I’d email if you have questions. Their customer service is excellent!

  2. I love salpal1’s comment about stealing them if she lived there! 🙂 They are beautiful and it should be a thrill for you to have your kids love your knitwear – a lot of kids wouldn’t go there, but they’re not special like yours! At least with 2 pairs now you have somewhat of a chance of getting to wear a pair. AND since your daughter is learning to knit… maybe you can turn the tables on her when she finally makes a pair! HA!

    1. Oh I am so very thankful for my kids and the tight-knitted-ness (lol) of my little family. I feel very very lucky that they not only like my knitwear, but just that we all get along well (most of the time!)! As for my girls’s knitting, she just finished a scarf for herself – she is SO proud & wears it everywhere! I tear up every time she puts it on!

      1. My grandmother and great grandmother sewed in sweat shops during the depression and passed the love of all things fabric/fiber on to me. The love of craft is a beautiful gift to give your daughter and I’m smiling thinking of how proud she is to wear her first scarf!

      2. In summers I think I spent a lot of time under a quilting frame & my mom made a lot of my clothes. My dad does woodworking, too, so I spent a fair bit of time hammering nails into wood (that was a favorite past time my first 8 or so years on Earth). It took me a long time to understand, but I think I was meant to work with my hands.

      3. My dad was a craftsman too and I always followed him around, hammering, painting, whatever. My grandmother sewed for weddings after they moved to Houston and her sewing room was a fairy land – if I stood very still, she’d let me try on the dresses. She instilled in me a lifelong love of craft and I wish she were here today to enjoy all the fun projects I get to do. Your daughter will thank you many times over when she’s an adult.

    1. These are basically three layers of wool so they are very warm. I made a pair once with alpaca otters & lined them with a wool-silk blend – the are almost too warm!

      I’m so glad the pattern is available – thank you for pointing that out – I will make sure to change the link to direct readers there. I believe the kits are listed as sold out partly because the shop is still on an extended break from the holidays. It’s a family operation and I’d read that the baby had been sick so I’ve been assuming that has delayed things. It’s a great kit with truly lovely yarns, but of course there are lots of wonderful yarn substitutions out there, too!

  3. I just bought the battery yesterday because I just loved your in progress pair. Actually, I bought 5 different mitt patterns yesterday. I think I have a serious mitten envy thing going. I just love the finished mittens. I think your daughter has excellent taste. 🙂

    1. I don’t know why, but I always have a flurry of hat & mitten making in February/March. I wish I could say this happened in, you know, September or October so I’d be ahead of the winter instead of the tail-end, but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe I’m just *extremely* ahead for next winter. 🙂

  4. I’m such a sucker for beautiful colorwork. The lined mittens are an extra bonus. Are you using Signatures to do the inside lining. I really really should make these, but I’m prone to losing mitts. Thanks for the pics. I’ll have to look up your project via Ravelry. I have closer reach to Madelinetosh than Tanis. Both yarns are great.

    1. Yes! They are Signatures! I’ve picked up a pair here and there over the years when they have sales. Just DPNs, but they are my little treat. So far I’ve only lost one!
      As for the mittens, you could totally get those little grabby clasps that attach mitts to your coat. I know they are usually used for kids, but I think we could totally start a trend. I will if you will! 😀

    1. LOL! Right?! I’m very happy with them. And I’ve been lucky enough that she’s “letting” me wear them this week with the super cold weather we’re having. At least so far she is…

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