14 responses to “Today on my needles…

  1. Oh my goodness! You must be like a machine to watch : ) This is gorgeous colourwork. Guess what? I just saw a sales rep and placed an opening order for my new yarn shop. Stop by my blog if you have a second to see the giant needles my hubby made : )
    Thanks for always inspiring me. I hope to one day improve on my speed

    • I just have so much trouble putting colorwork down. Part of it is I like seeing the design come out and part is that I can see in the chart how close I am to the end, so I just plow ahead.

      So many congratulations on opening your yarn shop! Those giant needles are amazing — as amazing as this adventure on which you’re about to embark. Best of luck as you take the plunge!

    • I don’t do a ton of colorwork, but I adore it. Usually I savor (to a ridiculous degree) the things I love doing, but colorwork is the exception. I just fly!

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