Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I won’t lie, I’m sitting here really struggling to not just abandon everything I’ve currently got going to spring into my One Plus One Plus One projects, but fortunately I’m the kind of crafter who has to finish current works-in-progress before starting new things. Maybe that’s not a ‘fortunately’ at all, but I’m going to keep telling myself that it is. In any case, with school back in full swing I’ve returned to my early mornings and have been just a flurry of motion trying to wrap up current WIPs (which are amazing in their own rights, to be sure) so I can get rolling on the wonderment that are my One Plus One Plus One projects. This post kind of feels to me a little like a weird segue between the things I’ve been talking about getting going on and the projects I’m still wrapping up — kind of like stepping back to go forward or in Westerns when they jarringly flip you back to a different setting with a classic “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…” Bear with me, here, I promise I’ll get it all lined up and moving forward very shortly! For today, though, we’re going back to the ranch for a few to see what’s been happening on my needles and wheel.

Thanks to that birthday snowfall and subsequent cold temperatures, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the sledding hill with the kiddos. There’s just enough snow to make it sled-able and presently there’s a nice firm crust on top so they really go sailing. The first day I sledded with them. Then I spent a day minding Moose as he chased them down the hill. In case you were wondering, he apparently views sleds as giant frisbees and loves to carry them back up the hill. The kids don’t mind the help at all. Once it got extra slick out there, I was wary of letting Moose go for fear he’d slip at high speed and hurt himself so he and I have been hanging in the car while the kids sled for hours.I spent the time working on my Chain Stitch Slouchy Hat from Imperial Yarn…

img_1830I’ve been working on it as part of the Deborah Newton Collection KAL and it was a really fun knit in some simply scrumptious yarn. It was my first time working with Imperial Yarn and I’m very impressed and already have been stalking their website a little in search of another project. I managed to finish the hat up Monday and will have some proper FO shots and a full review soon.

After almost freezing my fingers off up at the Lake for my birthday when I was trying to take photos with my phone, I knew it was time to get crackin’ at my Connectivity Gloves.

img_1847-2I bought the kit from my good friends at Feel Good Yarn Co because their kit includes the SilverSpun yarn (spun with actual silver) that makes these touchscreen-friendly. I’ve been wowed by the Backyard Fiberworks yarn that serves as the main body of the glove, too. There are plenty of really cool color options to mix & match — I chose Storm Cloud for the main body & Silver Dust for the fingers. Knowing myself — dark and neutral are pretty good choices when it comes to gloves! I’m already in the home stretch of the second main body and I’m hoping to start on the fingers later today.

I’ve also, of course, been spinning away on my Three Waters Farm Broken Pavement in Merino/Superwash Merino/Silk handspun…img_1806And this morning I finally finished it all up…

img_1854This is a pre-bath photo — I’m really happy with how it’s relaxed and how balanced it is as it’s hanging to dry. It’s drying next to a heating vent so I’m hopeful that’ll expedite the process. I’ll be knitting it for the Three Waters Farm Susan Ashcroft SAL + KAL that’s happening over in the TWF Ravelry group. And no, I have no yet decided which pattern I’ll be knitting up. I’ve appealed to the group for some help because I’m wildly undecided on that point.

Somewhere during all of this, Moose slept adorably…

img_1817With his feet in the ‘flying position’ and his left jowl all scrunched up.

The kids and I went to see the new Star Wars over the weekend and so it was absolutely necessary that I then help them make a couple origami Yodas…

img_1848Because… well, it just had to happen.

And I got a very exciting pile of wood in the mail from The Woolery

img_1850Thanks to some cash from my in-laws for my birthday, I was able to order 2 new bobbins for my new Very Fast Flyer as well as a Lendrum Niddy Noddy. I already have a niddy noddy and definitely didn’t need this one, but I’ve been wanting a 1-yd niddy noddy for a while for mini-skeins and this one includes 2 shafts — one to make a 1yd and one to make a 2yd version — that are interchangeable. I also like that this one breaks down as it’ll be just ever so slightly more portable.

As you can see, back at the ranch things have been busy, they’ve been hopping, and they’ve been loads of fun. As soon as the gloves are done, we’ll be back on the One Plus One Plus One highway but for now the detour was kind of fun, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”

  1. I like your one plus one plus one – a great idea for those of us who cannot resist eye candy.
    I had already decided this was going to be my year of “intention” with normal tasks and knitting/crafts projects. So your 1+1+1 is perfect structure for me – one knitting /one crochet/one UFO project.
    I almost have ready for the mail a UFO from 2011 – a lovely project that has just sat. Luckily an on-line friend said she would like it so it pushed me to go finish it – and what a relief!
    I look forward to others’ input here – we all been suggestions and encouragement!

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