Q1: The One Plus One Plus One Project

Yesterday I shared the One Plus One Plus One Project that I’m going to work on this year and I invited each of you to join me should you like. While it’s open to let each of us set our own goals (based on the number 3, of course), for myself I’ve opted to set my goal at a minimum of 3 projects per quarter: 1 sweater, 1 ‘other’ knitted item, and 1 finished handspun skein. As I said, I fully intend to complete more than this each quarter, but my hope is that I’ll earmark certain special projects that I really want to accomplish and — in some cases — give myself an excuse to prioritize.

Today, I thought I’d share what my Q1 projects will be. Fun, right?!

Drum roll please….(because I’m stinking excited!)

img_1841Ta-Da! So much yarn & fiber-y goodness!

First up –the sweater — is one I’ve had on my radar for a long time…

img_1834Agnes by Melissa LaBarre. Using Quince & Co Puffin in Sabine for the main color and Quince & Co Osprey in Bird’s Egg for the pockets this is one I really want to finish soon so I can luxuriate in its coziness. It would simply be a tragedy to have this yarn sitting in my stash for another year!

Second — the ‘other’ knitted item — is one you’ll recognize from another recent post…

img_1842A pair of Snowfling Mitts by Tanis LaVallee using Tosh DK in Cloud and Leopard for the outer colors and Tosh Pashmina in Byzantine for the lining. These will be a treat on so many levels!

And third — the finished handspun yarn — is going to be a true labor of love…

img_18404oz each of Polwarth/Silk in Agate & Hearts of Hearts and 4oz of BFL/Silk in Dirty Girl Redux all from Three Waters Farm. A 12oz spinning project is pretty big for me, but this is one that was love at first sight when Mary Ann from Three Waters Farm shared the inspiration photo on Instagram. I’ve been saving it for a special day and the One Plus One Plus One Project has given me the perfect excuse to just go for it.

The plans are set — now all I have to do is free up on my wheel, finish up a couple small knitting projects, and wind up some yarn. Talk about some serious motivation!

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  1. Q & Co Bird’s Egg is one of my favorite colorways of theirs–I keep ordering a skein of some weight in in every time I place an order for something else. Can’t wait to see your finished product! If I could get my own act together around here, I would join you in your new accountability adventure. Hopefully next month. Love the idea! Happy 2016, Sarah!

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