For better or for worse, the holidays always give us a renewed perspective. In my case, because my birthday lands right smack dab between Christmas and New Year’s the long hard look at where and who I am could be and historically has been substantial. Over the last couple of years my birthday has had some drama — from a refrigerator dying to my husband having a dental emergency — and there have just been a couple that have been kind of bummers which can really be hard this time of year. My husband always tries to do it up right though and this year he managed to swing two days off in a row to take our little family up to Door County, one of my favorite local getaway spots.

My husband snapped this photo which pretty much summed up our favorite park when we arrived…

There was a storm moving in that was about to drop about a foot of snow on us and the big water told the story well.

img_1794Luckily, we came bundled.

img_1784And despite the strong, frigid wind, we couldn’t help but take a nice long hike along the water’s edge.

Thankfully we all stayed mostly dry…

img_1797And enjoyed the powerful display in awe.

img_1788Even Moose enjoyed the scenery and thankfully grasped that swimming was not a good idea.

After this it was off to an Irish pub for some lunch and then a trip to Spin, a fantastic little yarn shop that just happened to be a block away. There my hubby picked a skein of yarn for a basic hat & I was spoiled with these beauties…

img_1820From left to right, some Madelinetosh Pashmina in Byzantine & some Tosh DK in Cloud and Leopard. They are destined to be another pair of Snowfling Mittens for me. I made a pair a couple years ago and wear them constantly except for the times when my daughter steals them, so a second pair will be much lauded.

Then after a trip to the Door County Maritime Museum, the snow came…

In a wonderful development, my hubby got me a travel bag for my spinning wheel for Christmas and at his encouragement I’d packed up my wheel and brought it along. And I spun away in our cozy hotel room while the snow fell…

img_1806I made it through almost 2oz of this Three Waters Farm Merino/Superwash Merino/Silk blend in the Broken Pavement colorway. I was completely oblivious to how much I would love having my wheel along. I’m so glad my husband was not — this was such a treat!

The following day, with a lot of roads still inundated with a foot of snow, we took the main highway back down to Green Bay where we hiked the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary until we ran out of energy…

img_1805-1OK, that’s not exactly true. This photo was in total jest — we stopped when we got hungry and luckily it was just in time for lunch at the Titletown Brewing Company where they rounded out my delicious meal with an amazing brownie sundae concoction…

img_1798I shared with everyone, in case you were wondering, because I’m nice like that.

The roads were mostly clear and we were able to make a quick stop at Yarns by Design where I grabbed some Eco Wool for an upcoming sweater project. I was even able to knit on my Nordic Wind shawl the rest of the way home…

img_1803And I finished that night at home. What a perfect end to a wonderful couple of days!

The fact that these two days were particularly wonderful for me, that I was fortunate enough to spend them with the people (and canine) that I hold most dear in my heart is not lost on me one bit. That there was yarn & fiber involved make it even better, of course. Having had some less than perfect birthdays, this definitely stands out as especially precious & memorable. The cold hard truth, though, is that while in my mind it will stand out as a truly marvelous birthday and I’ll remember all the special things that we did, I know deep down that I’ll see it this way simply because I spent these days thankful. I didn’t focus on the freezing spray at the lake or the fact that we got a little stuck in the snow leaving dinner or that the hiking was kind of slippery. Instead, I was just thankful to be with my kids who are growing into incredible people, to be in one of my favorites places, to have eaten delicious food, and spun on my beautiful spinning wheel. I was thankful for my husband who is always thoughtful and is there to remind me that with proper planning adventures can be had even in weather that isn’t perfect.

As I begin another trip around the sun and break open the 2016 calendars, sure I want to stay on my current health kick and lose those last 5lbs. Of course, I want to keep exploring and growing in our homeschool. Absolutely, I want to spend all the time that I can with my family. Um, duh, I sure do want to spin more than ever and knit up a storm. Most of all though, there’s one simple thing I want to wear in my heart and on my sleeve:


I welcome 2016 & my 36th trip around the sun with a heart that is swollen with thankfulness and a commitment to see the world through it.


How will you choose to see your 2016?

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  1. What a great post and love all the photos! My birthday is between Christmas and New Years too. It was hard celebrating when Inwas younger but now that I’m much older it doesn’t bother near as much. Happy New Year!

    1. It *was* hard when I was a kid and it’s sometimes been hard as an adult, but I actually am really learning to like the quiet after the storm now. Happy New Year to you, too!

    1. Thank you! And yes, he does (and my son is already showing signs of being just as thoughtful of a gift-giver)! Yes, there was a lamb adoption last year. We’ve had a bit of a delay in getting the fleece — the sheep’s fleece grew a little more slowly than anticipated so she ended up being shorn in fall instead of spring. And then we opted to have it sent to the mill for carding and they’ve been backed up. So it’s close to arriving, but not quite here yet.

  2. Happy birthday and what a beautiful posting! The picture of your “exhausted” little girl took me by surprise as I scrolled down, and gave me quite a chuckle. What a sweet girl with a delicious sense of humor! Looks like “good eggs” run in your family.

  3. I have one of those Christmas birthdays too ….. mine is the 4th and I’ve always been super happy this time of year ……. joining you in much much gratitude.

  4. OK, great husband who buys you a travel bag for your spinning wheel – a keeper! When I first started knitting, my husband went online and ordered every size Lantern Moon straights for me for Christmas that year. On January 6, it will be 43 years married – I’m keeping him too! I, too, am grateful. Seems you got to spend your birthday doing exactly what you wanted – fiber and family. Happy birthday and Happy New Year. OH, an btw, nice to see your face – what pretty blue eyes!

    1. Your mister *does* sound like a keeper! Congrats on your anniversary — 43 years is awesome — we’ll hit lucky #13 this spring!

      I’ve had so many people mention that they liked the photo of me — I guess I didn’t realize how often I’m the one behind the camera!

    1. Thank you — I fully intend to make the most of it! I certainly do love the idea of it as being a trip around the sun — it’s like I get to be on vacation from my living room! 🙂

  5. I’m 68 years old and I never thought of it as 68 turns around the sun. That sounds so much nicer. Happy Birthday and I love your posts.

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