In the Mean Time…

Well, I’ve got my plans for the Christmas Eve Cast-On as I shared in my last post and I managed to wrap up my holiday knitting early yesterday morning, finishing up my daughter’s Everyday Brew hat.

img_1719The big question, of course, was then:

What do I work on for the next 3 days?

The kiddos and I are still in school through Wednesday, so I knew I’d have a bit of my normal down-time while they work through lessons. I was thinking I’d wind a bunch of yarn I’ve been looking forward to knitting — a hat for myself, a very special cozy sweater, some warm socks for my kiddos, but I ran short on time for winding before the school day started so instead I opted for a project I’d purchased yarn for on my terrific lady day a couple months ago.

IMG_0873The five skeins at the bottom have been destined to be a Nordic Wind shawl and in a bout of extreme optimism a while back I’d prematurely wound all the yarn into center-pull balls. A simple design + beautiful yarn — it was the perfect answer to my question.

img_1723-1As soon as I cast-on, I instantly knew I’d chosen wisely. The pattern is incredibly easy and the yarn — of course — is a gorgeous luxury. It was absolutely ideal to work on during down time in school and then again, after a flurry of pre-holiday cleaning and a winter solstice walk with the kiddos…

img_1729-3It’s just such a wonderful project with which to unwind. I may have even knit through the entire first skein by the time I headed for bed. The pattern gives measurements for each color block section, but I’m opting to just knit through the skeins and shift colors when I run out.

In the above photo you can see my ‘advent calendar’ in the background. I’ve been faithfully keeping up with it and have even added a couple extra squares now and then just for fun.

img_1725-1Being the winter solstice, by the time I had my day’s square added I was out of natural light, so please pardon the horrendous lighting. I have a couple packs of mini skeins from Spun Right Round and Tanis Fiber Arts that I’m considering adding to the mix on this blanket. I’ve been saving them for other projects for a while and I think it’s time to just use them. Plus, I think they’ll be very fun additions.

My plans remain on track for the Christmas Eve Cast-On and I’ve still got some spinning I’d like to make happen before my house is full of guests, but I’m happy to have found my ‘in the mean time’ project. After all, we all deserve a good, relaxing knit this time of year — in between the cleaning and the baking and the wrapping and all the merrymaking. There is nothing quite like that down time with my needles — that pause to take it all in. The glimmer of the colorful Christmas lights, the sound of my kids playing with their train set, the dog snoring softly in the glow of the pretend fireplace — the very stuff of the holidays.

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    1. Thanks so much! I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to know you over the last few months. I’m always so happy to see your comments and latest work in the Ravelry forum. So glad to have you as a reader & knitting friend!

      1. Thanks for your kind words, Sarah. You promote such an inclusive, positive atmosphere in the forum and thus attract such a great group of knitters/people. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and sharing your insights – and I’ve made some great friends in the bargain. Many blessings!

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