Double Marl Magic

In spinning, there are not many techniques that seem more full of magic to me than the double marl. In my latest foray into this charmed world of color, I took one braid of Polwarth in Cloudlover‘s Mulled Cider colorway…

mulled_cideAnd one braid of Rambouillet in Cloudlover’s Smoking Jacket colorway…

smoking_jacket RamboAnd I split it all up into roughly 8″ strips…

doublemarl2And taking one of each at a time…

I spun them together.

doublemarlI was pretty uncertain about the singles at first because I wasn’t sure how those darker hues would sit with the almost Easter-like pastels. But that’s the magic of the double marl. Colors that you don’t expect to play nicely together often do.

After a bit of a hiatus, I got to plying and — sure enough — those colors do like each other.

IMG_1559They really do!

And the resulting skein is a fantastic 650yards of heavy fingering weight 2-ply gorgeousness.

straight onI still have a little trouble keeping the singles nice and even when I’m blending on the fly in a double marl, but I can definitely overlook that when the skein comes out like this.

diagonalIt’s a hint of autumn, a tidbit of spring, a whisper of summer, and a dash of a winter sunset. It’s the whole calendar year rolled into one skein. It didn’t quite take that long to make, but it took a good chunk of time to fully realize this magical, magical skein. With results like this though, how can I complain?

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  1. Very gorgeous. Also interesting to hear about a new technique. For the plying did you use to sets of singles or did you use a center pull ball and the outside? I find the subtle changes just mesmerizing. Fantastic job.

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