Geology, Ice Cream, and a Cycle of Spinning Inspiration

We are very much a family that believes in the idea of ‘making hay while the sun shines,’ so as yesterday was a beautiful warm (for this time of year) and sunny day we decided on a day that would include a lot of outside time. We started indoors, however, while the early morning fog burned off. We decided to spend some time at the UW Geology Museum to kind of wrap up a unit on “How the Earth Was Made” we’ve been doing in school. My son was absolutely fascinated by the huge globe out front and instead of snapping a photo, I found myself using my phone to look up a lot of questions like “what’s that big trench in the Caribbean?” (it’s the Caymen Trough, by the way, and it’s crazy cool and well worth a little study!) and listening and watching as my son tracked down notable points on the globe like Challenger Deep and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the different subduction zones around the ring of fire. So much of teaching is just listening and not getting in the way of these bright minds around me.

Of course, we had to pose for a photo with the holly jolly fossils.

IMG_1587You can’t see it in the photo, but the mastodon has elf ears too that are pretty epic.

From there, we had a fantastic Chinese lunch at an restaurant the mister & I used to frequent when we were in school at the university and then we stopped at Babcock Hall for an ice cream treat before heading out on a hike. Now I’ve been very, very committed to the new leaf I turned over about 6weeks ago — watching my diet, exercising daily, and all that — but I’m a firm believer that moderation has to reign. At the heart of it my goals are twofold; I want to care for myself, but I also want to be a good role model for my children. And that has to mean that I have treats too sometimes. I want to make good choices and find balance, not just deny myself constantly. I opted for a sundae that ended up being huge despite ordering a small. The concoction involved a mocha macchiato ice cream, peppermint stick ice cream, some sort of minty chocolate on top, and whipped cream. I totally could not finish, but it was incredible.

From ice cream treats, we went straight on to a walk on Picnic Point where the kiddos and hubby climbed on everything imaginable and ran off their energy while Moose and I had a more traditional walk.

IMG_1588He is such a good dog.

Once home, I whipped through my advent calendar square.

IMG_1601It’s a bit hard to see here as I have it on the quilt I’d wrapped myself up in, but it’s coming along very nicely. Turns out, this advent calendar idea was exactly the jump start I needed for this project. My daughter has already offered to make up a little bag of yarns monthly for me to keep me going — I’ll definitely be taking her up on that!

In my spinning life, I’ve started in on my Three Waters Farm Top of the Month Club installment for December.

IMG_1565It’s 100% Targhee and it is absolutely incredible. Spinning this fiber ranks right up there with eating that amazing sundae yesterday. After adding some Three Waters Farm fibers to my stash…


…And spinning up a couple over the past few months, I decided to join the Top of the Month Club because I’m pretty convinced that this is one of those dye studios that exclusively produces gorgeous colorways. A once a month delivery will clearly serve to both inspire and motivate me, especially considering there is always a flurry of activity and sharing that accompanies these deliveries in the Ravelry group. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an incredible cycle of inspiration.  For those interested, and I’d love if you’d join me and my friends in the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group, sign-ups for the Top of the Month Club are open until the 15th so you still have time to get in on the new January shipment!

I’ve really found a home away from home with the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group. This group focuses exclusively on the beauty of Three Waters Farm yarns and fibers and it is filled with such a brilliant, talented, knowledgeable, inspiring group of spinners and knitters. They are not only very active in the group, but some of the most helpful and positive spinners I’ve ‘met’. I was so very flattered to be asked to help moderate this group and incredibly humbled by how kindly Mary Ann of Three Waters Farm was willing to work with my rigorous & unpredictable schedule. I’ve been seeking an active spinning group for quite some time now and I’m so happy to have landed with these lovely folks.

Aside from the sunshine yesterday, we’ve had a lot of grey and cloudy days here making photography rather difficult for FO photos, but I’ve got a few lovely finished projects to share as well as an exciting new knitalong coming up here on the blog over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Geology, Ice Cream, and a Cycle of Spinning Inspiration”

  1. Good morning! Your day sounds lovely. Ice cream in December tho………
    Moose looks like an amazing dog. We had a chocolate lab and she was the most gentle of pets : )
    Anyway, I am off to see if that Farm you speak of has a blog

    1. It has been pretty warm for December — 40s & 50s. Still chilly, but not bad when you go out for a few mile hike straight after!

      Moose is the best. Hands down. (I may be biased though)

      And yes! Three Waters Farm does have a blog! Mary Ann has been working on developing it. I would highly recommend checking them out on Instagram and/or Facebook if you use those platforms, too!

  2. Thank you Sarah for another blush-inducing shout out about TWF! We are so glad to have you in our Ravelry group and we couldn’t be happier that you decided to work with us as a moderator, despite your fuller-than-full schedule! I hope that the blog was to your liking Carla and Lollyknits, thank you so much for turning Sarah onto TWF!

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