Saugerties Reprise

In early spring this year, I finished my Saugerties Shrug.

IMG_9599The pattern was love at first sight for me & I did the unthinkable in order to get this project on my needles: I actually set an alarm and entered the crazy & cut-throat race that are Plucky Knitter updates. Don’t get me wrong, The Plucky Knitter has some incredible yarns and colorways — I don’t think anyone can deny that. I’m just not into how competitive and rushed trying to order this yarn is. In any case, it says a lot that I actually made a point to get the kit.

Of course, there was a little drama. If you’ll remember from my post on the shrug I had narrowed the colorways down beforehand, but I misunderstood which was the main color and which was the contrast color so when the kit finally arrived I was kind of bummed. I emailed customer service — knowing full well it was my own fault — and asked if there was any chance I could buy an extra couple skeins of the dark color, Magnet & Steel, so I could flip the colors. They were prompt & friendly and set me right up and I went about the business of making my shrug. As you can see, it turned out great and I wear it all the time around my house now. It’s just perfect for throwing on for an added layer especially in the early morning or when I have to let Moose out. My husband compliments me on it a lot, too, which is kind of cool. When you knit as much as I do, I think those around you kind of become immune to fabulous knitwear so pointing out particular interest in one piece means it must be pretty special.

In any case, I decided last week it was time to make the matching hat. I’ll admit to having multiple motives. I wanted to knit a cool hat, yes, but I also knew it would be a good way to get my hands back in the groove of colorwork for a holiday project which I wanted to start. I got it on the needles the day before Thanksgiving and worked it just until I got past the needle change and got the second color started…

IMG_1485Once our noontime Thanksgiving meal was over and my cleaning duties complete, I settled back in with it while I visited with my mom. And before I knew it…

IMG_1489I was on the crown!

IMG_1493-1I finished just in time to watch the (less than stellar) Packer football game with my dad.

 IMG_1534And, of course, it’s been put through its paces. I honestly did not realize it was as slouchy as it is before I started. And yes, it’s supposed to be — I did check my gauge repeatedly throughout as well as once it was complete and it’s spot-on. I was a little unsure about that slouch when it first came off the needle, but I’m digging it now. It’s a great addition to my cold weather wardrobe.

Along with the successful hat, the project I was using it to prep for was also a great success…

IMG_1513-0I’ll just share one quick in-progress black & white photo for now and then I’ll share a proper FO post after the holiday. The recipient knows they are coming, but doesn’t know which colors I selected and I think it’ll be more fun to keep that a secret. Suffice to say, I purchased this pattern way back at the beginning of summer and was delighted to have an excuse to knit up a pair of these fantastic slippers. They knit up in a flash and turned out just wonderful, no doubt in thanks to the extra practice with my hat. It’s rare that I plan my knitting to work out quite so neatly, but I have to admit I’m pretty pleased with how these two project played out. A new hat for me, a holiday gift complete all by way of knitting with one of my favorite techniques. What a great way to spend a a few days worth of my crafting time!

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  1. It’s so pretty!!! I love the effect of fair isle, but for some reason actually knitting it stresses me out. I am tempted by really amazing patterns every once in a while though 😛

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