It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Mr. Knitting Sarah had to work on Turkey Day proper, but had the following two days off of work so we decided to rendez-vous up at my parents’ house for a mini-break. We had a marvelous time complete with yummy food, good company, and some little adventures including a trip to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a favorite spot for us as the walking trails are relatively short & paved and there’s always plenty to see as well as a very fun nature center that the kids love.

As usual, Mr. Knitting Sarah enjoyed howling with the wolf pack and I have to admit a highlight for me was watching one of the wolves wag his/her tail while he/she howled. I’d never noticed that before and it was just a very touching to see the canine clearly happy to be singing. I was mildly disconcerted when I walked over to see what my daughter was looking at and saw that…

…the mountain lion had started chewing on its enclosure. Of course I understand these enclosures are safe enough, but I’ve been at zoos when monkeys escape and have run-ins with eagles (true story!)and other random things happen so I can’t help but be acutely aware that we may place animals in nice enclosures, but we never really tame the natural world. A cougar gnawing on anything less than a foot from my child regardless of the safety features will always be unsettling to me and I’m at peace with that. But I digress and I’m happy to report we all survived the harrowing adventure to the very safe wildlife sanctuary.

I’m also happy to report that all the myriad of breakages that happened before the holiday have been rectified. We have a new and amazing clothes dryer, a microwave that is no longer making like it might explode, and I found a keyboard that does not have any sticky keys to substitute for the one on my computer that started to fail. It’s like a whole new magical world here!

This magical feeling, however, may actually be due to the fact that we also took some time to decorate for the holidays.

IMG_1507Moose led the way with some serious holiday napping.

IMG_1509-2We got the kiddos a little mini-tree for their room and my daughter decided they had to have ALL the Christmas baubles I made during the Merry KAL. She later brought a handful out for the main tree, but I’m glad I caught a photo of the mini-tree buckling under the glory of the Merry KAL.

We bought an nice full artificial tree about 12 years ago when we bought our house and about 5years after we got it the base broke. Unable to find a new base that would fit and unwilling to buy a new one, every year since I’ve spearheaded a campaign to keep the tree upright while investing as little money as possible. I’ve used towels, cardboard, duct tape — you name it — it was always an adventure in “engineering” and it has always involved at least one catastrophic tipping per year.

This year, we finally opted to spring for a new tree.

IMG_1503-1We downsized quite a bit so that the tree would fit a bit better in our tiny house that will be full of family for the holidays. A smaller tree also means that I can leave my wheel out in the main living space until the real influx of people arrive. There will be a lot of very merry spinning this month, indeed.

I also had the kids set me up with a little advent calendar. We always have these countdown calendars for the kiddos and I kind of wanted in on the fun this year. Since I didn’t know that Opal makes one until it was too late, I handed the kiddos some sandwich baggies and my neatly wound sock yarn leftovers. In the secret of their room they each picked 12 yarns and placed them in individual baggies and then put them in my fantastic giant project bag from The Fawn and The Fox.

IMG_1515If I’d thought ahead at all I’d have whipped up or purchased a Christmas-y project bag, but… well, hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it.

The idea is that each day I will avert my eyes and grab one baggie (or one yarn) out at random and add it to my Knitted Patchwork Blanket. As you can see by the 4 little blocks in the left-hand corner, my big aspirations with making progress on this blanket this year did not amount to much so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to resurrect this project in a fun way. The kiddos have opened their advent calendars for today, I can’t wait to dig into mine in a few minutes!

Of course there’s some holiday knitting happening around here, too.

IMG_1513And there’s a whole lot of unrealistic expectations for what I’ll actually accomplish in the next 24 days. No matter, though. I’ll get to what I get to and I’ll be enjoying the very merriness that surrounds me because it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

10 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

  1. Nothing more festive than a roaring “fireplace,” beautiful lighted Christmas tree, and a spinning wheel front and center (where it should always be!). Have fun with your Advent calendar.

    1. You know, I hated the “fireplace” when my husband first used it a couple years ago, but since a fireplace really isn’t the cards for us, I’ve really warmed (oh the pun!) to it! Pretend fireplace is better than no fireplace!

  2. Love all of the adventures you do with your children – teaching them the joy of outside and love for all things natural. PLUS the fun of Advent. Great job, Mom!

  3. Sounds like you have been a busy camper! Love the advent knitting idea. And the little tree is adorable. Good you got a photo of it in its full glory. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad, too. It feels very indicative of our household — fun and exuberant and slightly off-balance. 😉

      And yes, busy, busy! I never think it will be, but it always is!

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