The First Snowfall

This morning we awoke to our first snowfall.

IMG_1447I might have been tempted to take the kiddos out for a hike, but my leg was a little tender last night so instead we had a slow morning.

IMG_1444Not feeling quite up to using my wheel for spinning, I substituted some stitching. I’m on the border of my Miss Grace Shawl. At 770 stitches, it sure feels like I’m approaching the end at a snail’s pace, but I’m getting there.

And I’m getting excited.

In beginning to plan out the next month of knitting. As usual, with only a handful of weeks to go, I’ve decided to add some holiday knitting & spinning into the mix. And then since I’ve been wearing my Saugerties Shrug constantly lately, I thought, “Hey, I should knit up that matching hat.” Colorowork in worsted weight will just fly off the needles, right? Well, this started what can only described as an epic expedition into my uncharted, recently moved stash to find the skeins of Plucky Trusty in Magnet & Steel and Thank You Note that were leftover from the shrug.

Well, on the first dive into the ‘deep stash’ I found my Thank you Note skeins…

IMG_1439And five other skeins followed me back upstairs to hang out with the yarn that is on display/set out to daydream about in my living room.

But the Magnet & Steel skein was eluding me.

So I dove back in and thankfully found it…

IMG_1440And these 5 skeins wound up back upstairs, too.

I may be hopeless, but I think only in the best of ways. This is what the first snowfall does to us — it makes those of us who knit and spin turn into these wildly, beautifully ambitious creatures. It convinces us that we must knit & spin all the things and that we can knit & spin all the things. If only we can find that one particular skein. And 10 others. After all, what is life without dreams & aspirations and lofty goals?

7 thoughts on “The First Snowfall”

  1. Oh such beautiful knitting on your needles and lovely yarn too! Enjoy your snow. It’s quite lovely here today in Phoenix. The sky is a wonderful crisp clear blue with a love breeze and around 76 degrees ~ perfection!

  2. I share your feelings when it comes to the first snowfall; we had it last week (although it has rained away again…) and I am on my fourth pair of mittens just during November 😉 Greetings from Norway! Hege

    1. Hi Hege! Mittens! I need to get some mittens knitted up! My daughter is in the process of slowly stealing my two favorite pairs… We’re scheduled to have rain at the end of this week, too. Surprising that it’s stuck around for the week! Can you believe just south of where I live they got 12 & 14″ of snow?! I’m kind of excited for that!

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