A Rather Long Haul

Usually I’m pretty good at staggering my WIPs and SIPs so that I’ve got a good mix of both quick and longer term projects in the works. It’s a great way to not get bogged down, to keep the forward momentum that is so important to keeping the spinning & knitting mojo in a good place as well as giving me plenty to write about here. Currently, however, I find myself in the middle of both a somewhat large spinning project and a rather large knitting project and I feel like my posts here are kind of stuck in an unending loop of “still working on these same projects.” It is what it is, though, and I’m not one to walk away from a project just because it takes time. So today, I proudly bring you more of the same from what is proving to be a rather long haul.

In my knitting world, I’m still clicking away at my Miss Grace Shawl which continues to be a really fun knit. Now that I’m deep into it, I have all the ‘forms’ and ‘half-forms’ memorized and I am quickly knitting away. I’m roughly 25 rows from finishing the main body of work (let’s not discuss that the rows keep getting longer, ok?) and then it’ll be on to the edge. I’m getting a little anxious to finish and I’m hoping I can wrap this up before the holiday next week, but I’m not totally sure that will happen.

IMG_1423I did receive an order from Dyeabolical this week that included this very handy row counter (along with some gorgeous fiber, but I’ll share that another time). Dyeabolical has had these counters available for quite a while now and I have resisted picking one up reasoning that mostly I just use pen & paper. Years ago when I was teaching and working a lot of different projects at a time I always used row counters and swore by them for students. Then I kind of got away from using them just because the projects were just for me and I disliked having to set my needles down and break that rhythm to click a counter. I tried apps on my phone, but hated how they drained the battery or the screen saver would take over and it, well, it just wasn’t worth it to me when I knew I could get away with just reading my knitting to double-check any counts I had concerns about. The Miss Grace Shawl, however, has these short row forms that I recognized quickly would be easier to knit if I have a quick way to keep track of the repeats. This counter is perfect. It’s ergonomic and doesn’t interfere with my knitting or the rhythm I get into. It doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles that many counters do, but for simple applications I’m convinced this one can’t be beat. It’s definitely a must-have for me on this project now that I know how much time it’s saving me!

In my spinning world, I’m still plugging away at my Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber double-marl. I finished the first bobbin yesterday…

IMG_1426And I started the second this morning before the sun rose.

IMG_1431‘Before the sun rose” makes me sound wildly productive, doesn’t it? Let’s just not pay too much attention to the time of year when we say it, ok? In any case, I’ve been a little bogged down in this project, but I recently found a spinning project I want to whip up for a friend so I’m attempting to get the lead out on this one. So far, the motivation seems to be sufficient to press me into action.

And, for those moments when Miss Grace is too large or involved or my wheel isn’t an option, I’ve put just a smidge of time in with my current socks…

IMG_1432I’m working the basic Vanilla Latte with this lovely skein of String Theory Hand-Dyed Caper Sock yarn that was given to me by a dear knitting friend. These will fly once I can devote some time to them, but I’m fully expecting that to be around the Christmas holiday. And that’s ok, it will be a wonderful luxurious treat… whenever I get there.

As you might be able to guess, I’m dreaming (a lot) about quick projects in the near future. A couple gifts, maybe some more bluebirds of happiness, a bulky sweater, a quick single yarn made from targhee so I can knit another fast hat, so things will pick up before long. In the mean time, I will keep spinning and knitting away. I’m in it for the long haul and I’m glad you’re along for the ride, too!

4 thoughts on “A Rather Long Haul”

    1. Thank you! I’m so saturated in blue that when I *had* to pick some fiber over the weekend, I didn’t gravitate to blue — that has NEVER happened to me! It’s gorgeous though — every last stitch and I’m very excited for the spinning project too — it took a bit to get it going, but I’m really excited to see the finished yarn now!

  1. I don’t care if you talk about the same projects. I love seeing your projects and am inspired! You go, Girl!

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