Miya Shawl, Finished!

Since today is the last day to enjoy 15% off of Bijou Basin Ranch‘s Xanadu for the Miya Shawl KAL (use coupon code: MIYAKAL to claim your discount and get a free copy of the pattern!), I thought it would be a great day to share my finished shawl.

If you’ll recall, it all started here…

skein2With 2oz of luxuriously, soft & light 100% cashmere dyed a lovely shade of teal.

There were a lot of in-progress photos…

IMG_1017As I knit away on this incredible project.

IMG_1174I have to admit to stealing quite a few moments in the very early morning and very late night working on this shawl.

IMG_1219And it was really a treat. The pattern, Mari Chiba‘s Miya Shawl, has a phenomenal rhythm to it. It’s the kind of lace on which it’s very easy to get hooked and into that ‘just one more repeat’ cycle of awesome productiveness. I think it would great for a novice lace knitter looking to expand his/her knowledge as well as an experienced knitter who just wants a fun, pretty project.

Of course, I posted about my close call at the end as I was engaged in some epic yarn chicken.

IMG_1272-0But it all ended just fine with about 3yards to spare.

IMG_1276I was reassured by the folks at Bijou Basin Ranch — who always provide exceptional customer service, by the way — that the test knitter had a ping-pong sized ball of yarn leftover. I knew I was a little chillaxed with my gauge, but apparently I relaxed a bit too much for my own good! This is an excellent example of do what I say (check your gauge often) and not what I do (measure gauge and then get caught up in the knitting and let your gauge meander). Whoops. In any case, there should be no worries if you decide to give this project a whirl — and really, I highly recommend that you do because…

ondelia2The results are gorgeous! A simply lovely shawl that is light as a feather and soft as can be.

det22I adore the lace work. It’s so simple and yet so pretty.

fullAnd the shawl itself has the gentlest of curves to it.

foldedReally, it’s just breathtaking.

Suffice to say I already have my next Xanadu project all planned out. This yarn is definitely requiring some more of my time! In the mean time, I’m planning to live vicariously through my fellow knitters over in the Bijou Basin Ranch Ravelry thread who are knitting along in the Miya KAL. The 15% discount may expire today, but the KAL runs through November 30th. I can’t wait to see all the other shawls continue to take shape!

Many thanks to Bijou Basin Ranch for sponsoring this KAL and asking me to participate!

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