Lessons in Knitting with Handspun

another detI’m sure you remember this skein that I posted about earlier this week — it’s a single in Three Waters Farm Finn Top in the Spotted Purple Admiral colorway. And you might remember that I wrote that I planned to wind it as soon as I hit publish, right?

Well, I did. And then it was a slippery slope.

I had pretty limited yardage — just 125yds, so I opted to try to make a Barley Hat from Tin Can Knits. I cast-on quickly and flew through the ribbing so I could make the needle switch before taking the kiddos to the pool. This would make it easy to reward myself for swimming my laps & help pass the time while the kids played at the pool.

IMG_1344And that’s exactly what I did. As I saw it take shape, I was so in love with the colors and enamored with knitting with my handspun that things got out of hand. We got home and I knit while I cooked dinner. And I ate quickly so I could get back to my hat. And by the end of the night…

IMG_1348I’d finished. I knew yardage would be very tight and it was. I finished with about 1yd to spare.

And I wore it the next day.

hatSuch was my intense love for this hat that I didn’t bother to block it — so it’s a bit… unsettled at the spot where the garter stitch meets the stockinette. Wear and eventually washing it will take care of that.

The colors are totally amazing and awesome and I love them.

IMG_1379Since I wasn’t quite sure when I started spinning what the final project would be, I hadn’t really thought through how it would knit up. Aren’t the stripes fun?!

IMG_1378(Again, pardon the lack of blocking here)

Aside from how cute & warm it is, I have to admit that I learned so much from knitting this hat. I haven’t knit a ton with my handspun, but this has shown me that I really need to! It’s such a great teacher. For example, I realized that the slight unevenness that I tend to see as blatant and unappealing in my handspun is hardly noticeable when knit up. I also found that if my handspun yarn is slightly over-twisted, I can loosen it up a bit as I knit. I’m sure it should have been obvious before, but I now I really see the light and plan to work on improving as a spinner by knitting with my own handspun more often.

With results like this…

IMG_1399Really, how can I not?!

18 thoughts on “Lessons in Knitting with Handspun”

  1. Great colors in your handspun and what a cute hat!! Went right to Ravelry and got the pattern. There’s some handspun in my stash and I thing it wants to be this hat. I have gotten some great ideas from you; I do so appreciate your sharing! Thanks a trillion!

    1. You’re very welcome! I’m often reminded by my hubby, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices.” LOL! I’m not a fan of cold rain, but I try to make the most of it!

    1. The stripes were a little bit of surprise. Since I didn’t have any pattern in mind to start I didn’t think too hard on how it would knit up – I do love it though!

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