Oh, What a Week!

As so often happens in my little world, my week did not unfold according to plan. Like so many, Mr Knitting Sarah works long hours in the lead-up to and during the holidays and because our schedule can revolve around his, it does just that. Our family time is a priority so when it makes sense for the mister to change his schedule at the last minute and he winds up with two weekdays off and that he’ll work the weekend, we shift our plans accordingly. Homeschooling is flexible that way and that’s part of the reason it suits us so well as a family.

In any case, this week it just so happened that our family days coincided with some beautiful weather.

IMG_1278The first day started a little cloudy and chilly and the fish unfortunately weren’t biting, but the goldfinches and blue jays were singing all the same. We went home for some lunch and a some studying and then in the mid-afternoon with the sun out, we went out to a local park for some more fresh air. This time of year around here you just have to take advantage of beautiful weather when it presents itself.

IMG_1280My boy & I went for a nice long hike while my girl & hubby made a campfire. My girl loves to saw wood & tend a fire (no joke!) and my son… he is never happier & more at peace than when he’s walking in the woods. I’m a slow walker, so he splits his time between walking & talking with me and walking ahead of me on his own.

On the way back, we found a garter snake just off the trail and Mr Knitting Sarah managed to get a hold of him so the kids could examine him.

 IMG_1290I know some are a little freaked out by snakes, but we are fans of snakes in our house. I always view seeing them on the trail as a good omen.

And my daughter…

IMG_1303She loved this little guy. As long as he was held properly, he was very docile and content to be in her hands. She raised more than a few eyebrows as this little girl clad in bright pink showed her little friend to passing hikers. After not too much, but not too little time we released him back where we found him, occupied ourselves with a somewhat uncoordinated game of frisbee and as the sun began to get low in the sky we headed home.

The following day we headed to a new spot to fish…

IMG_1319It was sunny and beautiful.

IMG_1322And we had more luck with the actual catching of fish. We just caught and released, but it was still a very fun morning. Fishing is such a good way to teach patience and how to just be, quietly in nature.

When not gallivanting, of course I did manage to finish my Miya Shawl earlier this week.

IMG_1276As I mentioned, I finished with just enough yarn thanks to my inattentive gauge, but I got there and am totally smitten with the yarn and shawl. I hope to wash and block it later today or tomorrow.

With this finished, I started back at my Miss Grace Shawl.

IMG_1329And I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to it. Now that it’s the center of my knitting focus, I’m able to knit away with much less of a tether to the instructions which always helps things move along more quickly. I’m really looking forward to using this piece… a fact that also helps things move along more quickly!

I also started a new pair of socks.

IMG_1330I fully intended to begin a pair for my MIL, but as I was looking for a free project bag I found I had this skein wound, waiting to be knitted. It was a skein I’d started and then frogged and since it was a gift skein that is long overdue in finding its way onto my feet, I decided to whip these up quickly first.

I haven’t touched my wheel much this week — there’s just been too much on-the-go time and my legs and back sometimes need a good rest after such days. That’ll be changing shortly, though I promise. I found out earlier this week that I’d won a coupon code to Three Waters Farm for posting and tagging photos of current TWF projects on Instagram, so I’m using the code and the promise of some fiber treats as a carrot to motivate me to spin through my current project which is proving to move a bit slowly for my attention span these days.

Well, the sun is shining once again and although I fully intend to slow down a bit after a busy week, we definitely have a full weekend ahead of us. I hope yours is beautiful, too, and that you find some time for your craft, as well!

13 thoughts on “Oh, What a Week!

  1. My niece home-schooled her children, and I wasn’t too keen on it, even though she has an education degree. When her oldest became US #1 in rhythmic gymnastics and started travelling the world, we were all grateful for the home schooling, which supported that opportunity. In the end, her children are the most well-adjusted, greatest, smartest kiddos ever, so I’m eating my words. I’m so grateful that the home schooling affords you such quality family (not to mention knitting!) time. In the end, it’s all really worth it. Good show!

    1. Homeschooling is a really hot-button topic sometimes, I think, because from the outside it doesn’t always make a lot of sense right away. I might be the last person on Earth who expected to homeschool her kids, but when the time came it was right for our kids so I got on board. It definitely suits them both (for very different reasons) and it’s allowed them to really flourish. As long as these are the results we’ll keep on, keepin’ on!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. When I saw my great-nieces and nephew flourishing I became a believer – at least when there are dedicated parents to do it right. Kudos!

  2. I retired after 30 years in public education so home schooling was always kinda like the enemy. But after reading your blog for a while, I’ve come to realize that it just affords children a different way to learn. And when I think about the “teachable” moments your kids have had, well, I wish classroom teachers could give their students those same types of opportunities instead of sticking to a rigid schedule just to pass some standardized test months down the road. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! It *is * really just a different route to the same end. We loved the kids’ teachers in public school – teachers give so much! We stay in touch with all of them in one way or another. When we made the choice to homeschool, I made sure each teacher knew that we appreciated all that they have our children. Homeschooling just fits our kids needs right now and as I said they are thriving. So long as that’s the case, we’ll keep on keepin’ on!

  3. I used to keep a garter snake in my classroom; he ate goldfish. Now I am retired but I have garter snakes in my yard where the cats chase them. I keep wondering what the snakes in my yard eat. 🙂

      1. Our home backs up to a large bayou, so we get to enjoy so many wonderful ‘critters’. Snakes are part of the ecosystem. They keep the rodents at bay – we don’t bother them and they don’t bother us!

      2. Love it! We are far enough north that there’s not a ton of variety when it comes to snakes, but we definitely love seeing them. We do have a pet milksnake, but he mostly stays in his very nice tank with a locking top. He’s extremely docile, but we don’t have the kids handle him much because he’s still somewhat small and he’s extremely fast. While I like him just fine, I’m really trying to avoid him getting loose in the house!

  4. It shocks me so to see such a variety of colors in your palette for the week…blue, blue, and a slight variation of blue! Nice work!

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