Depth and Passion from Three Waters Farm

3Waters Cafe DiemThis fiber really spoke to me from the first moment I laid eyes on it. Maybe it was the how the blue & pink play off of each other. Maybe it was the über rich bronze that I’ve never seen in fiber before. Whatever the case, I knew this 4oz braid of BFL roving in the Cafe Diem colorway from Three Waters Farm would be special.

IMG_0995And it was. It just spun like a dream and because of that I finished the singles in record time.

threewaterscafediemThis BFL fiber was much, much softer than other BFLs I’ve spun in the past. I did more or less a fractal spin, splitting the braid in half and then spinning one half ‘as is’ while I broke the other half up into smaller pieces.

The result?


Simply lovely.

Somehow each step of the way this spin just got better. This was my very first Three Waters Farm spin and this is all it took — I’m officially addicted (and I have another skein drying and a bunch more fiber in my stash to prove it). Mary Ann Pagano, who owns and operates Three Waters Farm with her husband Stephen, has an eye and understanding for color that clearly has great depth of understanding and and is driven by a true passion for what she does.

There is no better proof of that than to show you the yarn I was able to produce.

cafediem3About 300yards of heavy fingering weight yarn that is simply gorgeous both to look at and touch.

cafediem2The blues & pinks that play off each other and that incredible bronze make this one of the most unique yarns I’ve spun. The fact that it is soft and drapes beautifully really puts this skein on a pedestal in my stash.

Beyond the sheer awesome of this skein, I’ve had the great privilege to get to know Mary Ann a bit via email. In a few exchanges with her, she was kind enough to lend me a hand in unraveling some basic spinning mysteries I was struggling to grasp and she helped me see that prioritizing figuring out a better surface for my spinning wheel was well worth the effort. For the record, if the only spot in your house to keep your spinning wheel is on uneven carpet, a chair mat from your local office supply shop will work wonders. In any case, Mary Ann is as kind and knowledgeable as she is talented and I’m so happy to have found her and her shop.

In a few days I’ll be sharing yet another Three Waters Farm handspun. After the beauty of the Cafe Diem skein, I couldn’t help myself and I had to spin this 4oz braid in my stash.IMG_1183 Yesterday I finally got to wash and set this Finn Roving in Spotted Purple Admiral I spun a week ago. More on this one once it’s dry and I can take some proper pictures, but suffice to say as it dries I’m already looking for patterns for it. If there was any doubt, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be a stranger to the beautiful fibers from Three Waters Farm any time soon.

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