Pretty Darn Pleased

It’s Friday and while I’m not ready to commit to the whole FO Friday tradition, today I thought I’d share some finished handspun yarn with you. I meant to do so a couple days ago, but — I’ll admit it — I was kind of hung up in actually knitting and spinning. Ironically, when I really get into my craft, I get behind in the writing about knitting and spinning here. In any case, here I finally am ready to show you a couple news yarns.

Today, since I got a little carried away with beauty shots I’ll start by just sharing with one. You’ll remember that I’d started this project.

bumbleacresI had 8oz worth of purple/navy/grey batts from Bumblebee Acres Farm. Along with the beautifully subtle colors here, one thing I really love about the batts from this shop is that they list what type of spin the batt will be — a smooth spin or a textured one. I think that especially for someone like me who has relatively little experience with batts, this really helped me to make good selections when purchasing and to know what to expect from the fiber when I sat down to spin it.

My goal here was to spin a worsted/aran weight yarn in a traditional 3-ply and even before hauling out my WPI tool I felt pretty comfortable saying that it was pretty much on target.

bbacresfullI really love a nice, round 3-ply and this skein is definitely in that category.

bbacres2It’s not exactly the most even spin of my life, but I think it turned out awfully pretty. I think my favorite part of this skein is those little pops of magenta. There are also pops of silky sky blue which are equally lovely as well as some dusty pink undertones that give this yarn a lot of depth in color. All in all, I wound up with about 100yds of aran weight yarn. Seriously. I can hardly believe that I managed to hit the target weight, but I will say that I’m pretty darn pleased with it.

These batts were the a colorway labeled ‘Avalon’ and were a Polwarth + Silk blend that were listed as a ‘smooth spin.’ I said it earlier and I’ll say it again — I really can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the label of a ‘smooth spin’ batt. I love the more ‘art’ or ‘textured’ batts as well, but if you are new to spinning batts I would highly recommend the ‘smooth spin’ batts from Bumblebee Acres Farm. They are just such a great way to dip your toes into batt spinning without being overwhelmed by handling the wild textures and blending of different fibers that more arty/textured batts require. I also loved the lofty, airy prep of these fibers. They were truly like spinning clouds and I have no doubt that the ease of the spinning and the evenness I was able to achieve was largely in part to the wonderful prep.

While this yarn is destined to be a gift to my friend’s wonderful daughter who was a great sport with my kids on a field trip earlier this year, I will definitely be keeping this farm in mind for future spins. I encourage you to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, too, where they share their latest news and updates to the shop.With results like this…

bbacresI certainly don’t wan to be a stranger to their fibers!

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  1. Your yarn turned out beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time to write up/include my farm in your article. I am totally flattered and so happy you enjoyed the batts. 🙂

    1. You are more than welcome! I will definitely need to spin more from your farm!

      Oh, and PS — The young ladies in your booth at WI Sheep & Wool were amazing! They were super sweet about chatting with my very talkative children while my mom & I looked. Tell them THANK YOU for me!

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