A Luxurious Delight

When someone asks if you want to knit with a skein of yarn that is 70/20/10 Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, you say yes. Period. Most incarnations of the MCN blend top out around 10% of cashmere and that alone is pretty soft and wonderful, but 20% cashmere means I spend some time finding the perfect pattern and then I drop what I’m doing and get it on my needles asap.

This was the case with my skein of Ancient Arts DK with just that blend of fibers.

skeinSofter than pretty much anything you can imagine and with drape to spare, consensus was that it needed to be knit up into some neckwear. I pulled a book off the shelf that I’ve had for a couple of years, Jane Richmond’s Island, and flipped to Arbutus. The yarn & yardage requirements were a match and I just knew the fabric this yarn would suit this necklace-like cowl perfectly.

As soon as I’d settled on the pattern and I got a little break in my schedule I cast-on…

IMG_0974And I had the greatest time taking photos of this gorgeous yarn. A new colorway from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, Great Scott! is a rich, bright turquoise. It’s pretty hard to really capture the color in a photo — you know how elusive blues can be with a camera.

IMG_0977I was really impressed with how simple the pattern was. It has a very unique construction and shape…

side viewBut I knit it up in just a couple days. I think partly because the pattern is very well written and partly because the yarn is just so incredible, it just flew off my needles.

det ribI let my gauge be as relaxed as I could so that I really have a fantastic smooshy fabric and the yarn did not disappoint.

on1My finished cowl is exactly what I’d hoped for — warm and oh-so-soft around my neck with a very stylish, necklace-like look to it thanks to the three-tiered structure.

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts has loads of gorgeous colors on a wide range of base yarns from which to choose. In addition to their general colorways, there are some wonderful collections including the Meow Collection & the Woof Collection (both of which a portion of the proceeds are donated to benefit stray and abandoned cats & dogs) and Folk Art Collection inspired by folk art traditions from around the world. There really is something for everyone!

I can’t say enough great things about the cowl I’ve created here. That pattern was great fun and the yarn simply is a luxurious delight. I guarantee I’ll be wearing it a ton. In fact, since taking the photos I haven’t taken it off and I don’t anticipate doing so any time soon!

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