Wild and Crazy

Those who know me know I’m a pretty monogamous knitter and spinner. Usually at most I have two projects in progress at a time. Even though I’ve finished up a number of big projects this past week (more on those projects later this week…), currently things are a little wild and crazy around here. This weekend, I’ll be working on…

IMG_1017My Miya Shawl in Bijou Basin Ranch’s Xanadu for the Miya Shawl KALThe yarn is amazing, by the way.

IMG_1022And then there’s my Miss Grace Shawl to which I add a few rows every day.

IMG_1023And then there’s this Simple Skyp Sock in Spun Right Round Sport Sock in Holy Crow that I pick up from time to time.

IMG_1019And then there’s this Little Miss Charming sweater I just cast-on for my daughter. I had some disagreements early on with the pattern, but I think we’ve settled into a good rhythm now. I think it’s going to be pretty adorable and I have total confidence that I’ll finish this in time for my daughter’s birthday in about a week and a half. Time will tell, but I’m awfully optimistic.

Oh, and then there’s my spinning.

threewaterscafediemI finished these singles from Three Waters Farm. This 4oz of ‘Café Diem’ on 100% BFL will eventually be a simple 2-ply. It spun like butter though — truly gorgeous in my hands — and I can’t wait to ply it.

bumbleacresBut I also had a long-overdue ‘thank you’ gift that had to be started, so I started spinning my two batts from Bumblebee Acres Farm from the WI Sheep & Wool Festival. A smooth polwarth/silk blend, these are unlike any batts I’ve spun before (which isn’t saying much since I haven’t done a ton with batts, but you know…). I have 8oz of this ‘Avalon’ and split it into 3 even portions to do a traditional 3-ply. I’m shooting for a slightly heavier yarn here than I’ve been spinning lately. I’m hoping for Aran, but I’m a little afraid my radar might be a little off and it’ll be heavier. In any case, it’s a navy/purple/grey mix with a few other pops of colors and I’m really loving spinning it. I will definitely need to get more from this shop next year (or maybe online…).

If I explained what other things I had on my agenda for the week, you would probably laugh until you cried. I know I am! I promise you, though, with so much awesome at my fingertips, I’m having a pretty darn rad, wild and crazy weekend.

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