And the Wheel Goes ‘Round & ‘Round & ‘Round

I did not participate in Spinzilla this year, but thanks to having my wheel set-up and easily accessible and all the talk here lately on spinning I’ve been very inspired and I’ve been managing to spin daily. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes, but it has felt great to just carve out that time every day to spin. I’ve even popped on Periscope a couple times to share those moments with you — I’m @KnittingSarah if you haven’t joined the fun. Thanks to these baby steps, I have some new finished handspun yarns to share – yay!

First up, let’s look at Dyeabolical’s Fate, Phd.

IMG_8657-0I bought this beautyย  — 8oz of the Fate, PhD colorway dyed on a Falkland base — this spring and managed to get it started as my first spin after the Tour de Fleece this summer. And then, as it usually goes, my spinning production dipped directly after the TdF, but I eventually finished up the singles.

dyeabolicalA traditional, lightweight 3-ply was the goal. These bobbins got a nice long rest as I worked on two other sets of singles before circling back around to ply them. The results?

FatePHDRougly 435yards of sport weight 3-ply yarn.

FATE PHD2I’m, of course, delighted with the results. Falkland is quickly becoming one of my favorite fibers to spin with — it feels crisp, yet soft in my hands. And Rachel at Dyeabolical just always does such beautiful things with color.

ย The second project that I wrapped up was from Spun Right Round. It was a fiber pack that was just different and I thought it would be fun try.

Arriving in 2 – 2oz braids, this Falkland (I know, Falkland again) was half brightly colored, kind of bold pastel hues and half black/grey/purple blend. I was super intrigued to see how they’d look spun separately and plied together, so that’s just what I did.


IMG_0717 Plus darks…



This yarn is unique and so fun.

SRR handspunAt the end of the day, I finished with about 235yards of heavy fingering or light sport weight yarn with that signature soft, but drapey feel of Falkland.

SRR2I’m just so happy with it. I have no idea what to do with it at the moment, but I love it.

Thanks to Instagram and Periscope I’ve also found a new favorite source of inspiration, Three Waters Farm. Lolly Knits recommended this shop a while back and while they’ve been on my radar (and in my stash) since early summer, I recently discovered their Instagram feed in earnest and their nature photographs combined with their fiber combination photos — well, I simply could not be any more inspired.

Somehow the fates aligned and Mary Ann from Three Waters Farm and I managed to ‘meet’ on Periscope (she’s @ThreeWatersFarm, in case you haven’t followed her yet) and — I swear — it was clear almost instantly that we are cut from the same cloth. Enthusiastic and fun and serious about fiber arts all rolled into one with a true passion to teach and share in the most inclusive way possible — that’s my impression of Mary Ann. Not to mention, she’s wildly knowledgeable and a very talented dyer. Suffice to say, while I wait to be able to afford a certain color combination that caught my eye on her Instagram feed, I decided I simply had to haul out the 8oz of fiber I have in my stash from Three Waters Farm.

First, a colorway called Cafe Diem. It’s dyed on 100% BFL which I’ve already prepped to start spinning once I finish the current project I’m plying.

3Waters Cafe DiemI can’t think of Cafe Diem without thinking of the TV show Eureka, but I have the sneaking suspicion that this colorway might in fact be named for a spot in real life. I’ll have to ask sometime. I’m thinking I’ll just do a very simple fractal-ish 2-ply with this fiber.

I also have a colorway called Lone Grasshopper on deck…

Lone GrasshopperIt’s on a Polwarth/Silk base and I really can’t wait to spin this one, too. I just know that pop of chartreuse will make this spin very special.

I’ve got probably an hour or two’s worth of plying left on my current project and thanks very much in part to the new projects all ready to go sitting right next to my wheel I’m having no trouble finding the drive to finish up. My wheel will just keep spinning, ’round and ’round and ’round — thanks to the great feelings that finishing brings and having a space to work. New inspiration, new friends, and and all the colorful beauty that will soon grace my wheel, they are, of course, excellent motivation as well.

23 thoughts on “And the Wheel Goes ‘Round & ‘Round & ‘Round”

  1. I really like how the Spun Right Round turned out. I’m doing a lot of online window shopping for a spinning wheel. My living room is under used and will be the perfect place to spin. You do inspire. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yes, sometimes I spin certain things just to see how it works up and it turns out great.

      Enjoy the window shopping! As I’ve said many times, I love spinning. It’s very different for me than knitting and I love that it’s a part of my life.

  2. Love your spinning projects, beautiful! Three Waters Farm is a favorite of mine, as well as Inglenook Fibers and Beesybee Fibers. I was inspired to start spinning again with Spinzilla and plan to continue a little each day too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wonderful to hear you’ve taken up spinning again. I really do love that I can take a little time here and there for it, as well as those longer stretches when time allows.

      I’m very excited to get spinning with some fiber from Three Waters Farm & I was just chatting with someone about Beesybee Fibers — the spinning world is so rich in wonderful materials!

  3. You inspire me as well with all your lovely spinning. Great photography as well. You’ll have to show us what some of that yarn looks like spun up.
    I haven’t spun for at least a decade but thanks to you I am thinking everyday about pulling out sine roving and starting in again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aw! I’m so glad you like it! I don’t get to knit my handspun as much as I’d like (it often goes to friends as gifts), but I’ll definitely share! And I do hope you get your spinning back out!

  4. Oh, wow. Your yarn is just wonderful. My spinning wheel is so excited that it is shivering and rattling it’s flyer downstairs. Guess I’d better go pay attention to it!

    What will you make with your yarns?

    1. I’m not sure yet. I often spin just to spin and many of my handspun yarns end up being given as gifts. I’m definitely working toward getting to knit with some of my yarn here shortly!

      1. I had carpal tunnel surgery years ago and couldn’t knit while recovering (for a year). I could, however, spin! I still have buckets of yarn. Your yarn makes me think I need to go back and knit some of that homespun!

  5. What a great idea; plying a colorful single with a mellower single. I will definitely try this. I have a colorful braid in my small stash and will give some thought as to what not so colorful braid to add to the mix. I am still a rather new spinner and I, too, appreciate your inspiration!

    1. Aw! I’m so glad! Isn’t it a great idea?! I definitely would not have thought of it on my own, so I’m glad this new door has been opened. I’ll definitely be trying it more in the future!

  6. Three Waters Farm is one of my favorite dyers, I love her stuff and basically can’t visit her Etsy shop without making a purchase. Falkland is one of my favorites, as well!

    1. I think I’m very late to game on the Three Waters Farm bandwagon, but better late than never! I started the BFL Cafe Diem last night and almost fell off my stool. It’s gorgeous!

  7. I just love your blog! I have learned of so many new companies and spinners and knitters since I found you. Thank you so much for telling us about Three Waters Farm. What a fabulous (new-for-me) find!!

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