This Week in My Dreams

I think because I’ve committed to knitting sweaters for both kids before the snow flies — or, let’s be realistic, before the snow stops flying this winter — I’ve been obsessing nonstop about knitting shawls and wraps. Of course I am. I may have even cast one on, but I’m still kind of in denial about that fact.

But I digress.

One shawlette that has been on my mind for a good long while has been Mel Ski’s Menehune.

                                               Copyright MSkiKnits — Please click photo for link!

Like so many, I’ve been touring Periscope this week. For those who don’t know, it’s kind of like YouTube, but you broadcast live and your recordings don’t stay available as long. I’m @KnittingSarah if you want to make a friend there & possibly see me babble on a bit. In any case, I’ve really loved & been inspired by Mel’s scopes as she’s such a driving force of kindness or positive thinking. You can find her on Periscope at  @MSkiKnits and I really recommend checking her out. Obviously, I also love her designs and have been dreaming of creating my own Menehune in this handspun…

IMG_0819It’s a 2ply I spun out of Cloudlover BFL/Silk in the ‘Blue Hawaii’ colorway.

IMG_0823And I think it would make an exceptionally pretty little shawlette.

What are you dreaming of knitting this week?

6 thoughts on “This Week in My Dreams”

    1. Haha! I actually can totally relate. I just re-did my queue on Ravelry and started to actually allocate yarn to projects. I think I’m at 49 or 50 and I don’t think I have more than one or two pairs of socks in that stack (and I have a lot of sock yarn…).

  1. I do love the yarn you spun, soooo, my dream this week is to learn to spin. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’m getting closer.

    Shawlettes are nice, but I want more coverage, like a blanket. 🙂

    1. Well, spinning for a blanket will take some patience! But I will be your biggest cheerleader if you learn to spin. For years I swore I didn’t need to learn and didn’t really think I wanted to anyway — my hubby nudged me into it and learning to spin has turned out to be one of my life’s greatest gifts. 🙂

  2. Hey Knitting Sarah-

    I’ve played with the idea of slowly getting into spinning but it seems like an activity that has a high entry cost just to try. You know with knitting all you need is like $10 for that first set of cheap needles and acrylic yarn.

    But even a used wheel is like $300…. or a set of classes could start getting close to that price, but then you don’t even have a wheel to use afterwards…

    Would you recommend getting into using a drop spindle first? or is that a totally different thing?

    Could you make or recommend a post on how to get into spinning?


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