(Mis)Adventures in Sewing: The Ruby Dress

A continuation in my (mis)adventures in sewing, today I want to start by taking a moment to give my highest praise to Made by Rae patterns. As someone who is admittedly not a great sewist, these patterns are the easiest I’ve found while not sacrificing style. Written so clearly that even I understand them (and that’s seriously saying something!), I especially love that there are lots of tutorials and support available, too. I’ve used the video tutorials for the lined yoke each time I’ve made the Ruby Dress that I’m sharing with you today. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

That said, I used the Ruby pattern last year to make myself some tops.all 3I really do love them and have worn the heck out of them the past year.

Then this spring I made myself this lovely yellow frock…

IMG_8647I meant for this to be a dress, but I hemmed it just enough to make it really not… ahem… decent as a dress. It’s made a lovely tunic over shorts and jeans instead.

This summer/fall I wanted to really attempt to make a couple dresses that I could actually wear as dresses. Putting the dresses together was pretty easy since I’ve become very practiced at this pattern, even the lined yoke, but I took extra time to try to make sure the hem was in my dress comfort zone.

both They turned out so cute! I just adore them!

blue detI made this blue one from a quilting cotton from Cotton + Steel from Alewives Fabrics. I’ve read a lot of reviews that quilting cotton doesn’t drape enough for this pattern, but personally I love it. It’s substantial without being heavy and I find it a really nice addition to my wardrobe.

ruby blue det2I even did the hem and attached the bias binding at the underarm in hot pink. Partly just for fun, partly because I was feeling confidant about sewing a straight line for once, and partly because it let me sew this dress and the second dress assembly-line style.

Speaking of the second dress…

pink detThis is also a Cotton + Steel print, but this time in a lawn also from Alewives Fabrics. It’s definitely lighter wear and drapes beautifully. The print, however, takes the cake. It’s just so funky and fun.

I gave myself a generous enough hemline that I’ll have some options for styling. I can wear either dress as-is or with tights or leggings and a sweater to layer. I can even add a belt if I want to dress the look up a bit. However I end up wearing them, I’m sure I’ll be wearing them a lot as they are just so comfortable and they turned out so cute. I’m making a dent in that fabric pile I’m trying to work through, but I think it’s time to try a new pattern. Perhaps Made by Rae’s Washi Dress or maybe her Bianca Dress or maybe the very simple Maya from Marilla Walker. Whatever the case, I’m sure me + sewing a new pattern will be a story to tell!

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    1. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to fit and adjusting patterns, so it’s key that I find good patterns that suit my body — so far I’ve been pretty lucky in that regard! And I think you’re absolutely right — the more you do the better you get! This dress/top pattern I’ve done a number of times now, so I’ve really got it down. Practice makes perfect!

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