True Weekend Knitting

This Saturday morning started out first thing in a flurry of origami. Yes, you read that right, origami. After being inspired by my sister-in-law who has both skill and patience for the craft, my son really, really, really wants to be an expert with origami. Of course, I want to support his interest so when he mentioned wanting to try his hand at origami dinosaurs, I picked up a copy of Origami Dinosaurs for Beginners and some paper and this morning we cracked into both.

I have to say that I try so hard, but I’m afraid I’m not a natural. I’ve got mountains and volcanoes mostly down and my pteranodons aren’t too bad, but when it comes to the more exciting dinos… well, suffice to say the learning curve is proving to be pretty steep. I’m going to place most of the blame on those darn squash folds — I just stare at them for-ever until I can sort of kind of wrap my head around what is happening in the drawing and then spend the next 15minutes fumbling through trying to get them right. In any case, we spent the morning mostly making a mess…IMG_0746but a few dinosaur-ish paper sculptures did turn out (thank goodness).

Beyond the origami, I’ll be taking some time this weekend to compile my review of Jen Geigley’s new book, Weekend: Simple Modern Knits. It seems like appropriate knitting for the weekend, doesn’t it? For me, writing a review of a collection of patterns ideally incorporates trying out a pattern or two to get a feel for the author’s pattern writing style. Despite the fact that my ball winder was out to get me last night, I have some very lovely skeins of Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. wound and ready to go for a couple quick projects.

weekendI’ve super excited for some instant gratification knitting with this beautiful super bulky yarn and I can’t wait to tell you more about this fabulous book next week. Oh, and if you like what you see, keep your eyes peeled because there will be a little giveaway to go along with the review.

In addition to this fun project, work will continue on my Narwhal Needlework Mystery Skein KAL socks.

weekend knittingAs you can see, I’ve rounded the heel and I’m decreasing the gusset stitches, so I’m almost in the home stretch. I’m using the Atlantic Current Socks pattern by Melissa Sibley for these and I really love how it’s working with this lovely variegated skein. It’s my favorite kind of pattern, too, a little unique and interesting, but easy to memorize and knit on auto-pilot.

And of course, there is spinning. I’ve been doing a great job of spinning daily — my minutes of zen each day — and I have 3 projects ready to ply.

weekend spinningI have my wheel all set-up, but just haven’t quite had the energy to get started yet. We’ve been fighting back the annual back-to-school colds and just the fatigue of getting back into a full-time school schedule and I’ve found myself just mentally d o n e  at the end of the day. The idea of maintaining the focus required to get a really nice plying job underway has been a little daunting so I’ve just been putting it off.

Well, it looks beautiful outside and since knitting is wonderfully portable, I’ll be taking the knitting outside for some true weekend knitting. I hope you have a sunshine-y weekend with a dash of knitting (and maybe not so much the dinosaur origami) ahead of you, too!

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    1. I think I just need to get some bigger paper – that would help a lot with the more detailed dinos. Until then I’ll try to convince my kids pteranodons and volcanos are the best – lol! Oh, and my daughter has named each and every one, of course.

  1. Origami, spinning, sewing, socks, weekend knitting … you are ambitious and I love it! (We’re totally battling the back-to-school sicks around here too – I feel you.) ❤

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