Summer Sock KAL Wrap-Up & *PRIZE WINNERS*

Well, the Summer Sock KAL came to its official end on Wednesday and like all good KALs it’s a bittersweet time. It’s always exciting for me to shed the requirements of a knitalong, to move onward and upward with an uncharted course of new challenges. Yet it’s also more than a bit sad to say  good-bye to a tight-knit group of knitters who’ve been knitting with a common goal, in this case summer socks. I’m very thankful for this summer’s KAL group — we had experienced and brand new sock knitters alike and it was such a fun & positive & helpful group. To each and everyone who participated I would like to extend a heartfelt, thank you. You really made the KAL awesome! And I’m so glad that I’ll be able to stay in touch with many of you via the Today on your needles thread in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group.

I also have to extend a very big thank you to Feel Good Yarn Co who sponsored this KAL, including the prizes. I worked directly with Laurie who was kind and warm and fun to work with at each turn. I am so grateful for her generosity & enthusiasm and for all she puts into making the fabulous SilverSpun yarn. If you want to get to know Laurie a bit better  (and trust me, you do!), I encourage you to pop over to the Woolful Podcast where she & her SilverSpun story is featured in Episode 33.

And, of course, let’s oooh and aaah over the yarn a little one last time, the 3 gorgeous skeins of hand-dyed SilverSpun Sock.

June’s skein of Sea Glass…

Photo courtesy of Feel Good Yarn Co
Photo courtesy of Feel Good Yarn Co

From which I made…

sskaljune1A pair of Aero Socks by Sarah Jo Burch


tbsfullsome Turkish Bed Socks.

July’s skein of Tangerine Dream…

IMG_9832 From which I made…

sskal jul3a pair of Rose City Rollers


july tbs sideanother pair of Turkish Bed Socks.

And August’s skein of Watermelon Crush…

Photo courtesy of Feel Good Yarn Co

From which I made…

ona lovely pair of SpringTastic Socks.

These 5 wonderful shortie socks have made their way into my sock drawer and onto my feet. I’ve loved wearing them — whether it’s around my house on cool mornings or hiking on the trail with my family this summer, they’ve served me so well. I’m sure they’ll be favorites for a long time to come!

Oh, and I said there would be winners, right?! Of course!

From the pool of those who completed a pair of socks from SilverSpun Sock, the randomly selected winner of a skein of SilverSpun Sock or Sport is…

Ravelry ID:


And from the pool of those who completed a pair of socks from non-SilverSpun Sock yarn, the randomly selected winner of a mini-skein of SilverSpun yarn is…

Ravelry ID:


Winners, please email me at knittingsarah[at]gmail[dot]com with your contact email address and I’ll get you on your way to claiming your prizes.

Thanks again, so much, to everyone who participated in the Summer Sock KAL!

10 thoughts on “Summer Sock KAL Wrap-Up & *PRIZE WINNERS*”

    1. Socks always go quick for me — they are usually my first knit in the morning and last knit at night project. Also my knit while I’m waiting on the kids are working knit and I spend a whole lot of time each day waiting patiently. This is why I generally only knit patterns that I can easily memorize!

  1. congrats to the winners. thanks to Sarah for a great sock knitting summer. I have enjoyed knitting with you and I have some great socks too. Eileen

  2. Ooooooh, aaaaaah. Congrats to the winners, but if we have finished socks and we had fun, we’re all winners. I don’t wear socks in the summer, but my summer socks will be great on the chilly evenings ahead.

    1. So true! I wear them when I have hiking shoes or sneakers on in the summer which is usually a couple times per week, but I’m like you — mostly cooler weather for handknit socks for me. Enjoy your new socks!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners! I had a GREAT time knitting my first four pairs of socks. I could never have done it without the support and encouragement of the wonderful knitters in this KAL! Thank you ALL so much!

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