WIP Tuesday? Sure, Why Not?

I just put the finishing touches on my ‘must-see list’ post for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival (it’ll go live here on Thursday) and I have a little extra time while the kiddos finish lunch so I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the projects that I currently have in progress.

First, I finished spinning the singles of my Dyeabolical Fate, PhD.

dyeabolicalThese are resting while I spin another project or two of singles so I can ply all in one go.

This is what I picked up to spin next.

grey woolA couple weeks ago my family and I spent our Saturday down to Madison & took a go-’round of the famed Farmers’ Market. At Mr. Knitting Sarah’s insistence, I got some fiber from the Wisconsin Highlands Farms stand. I totally spaced on asking what kind of wool this is (whoops!) despite the fact that I chatted with Ann, the owner, for quite a while. The wool is hard to describe for me – soft like merino, but still kind of rustic like a Romney. Whatever it is, it’s spinning up wonderfully.

grey wool spunI originally I thought I’d spin up a bulkier weight yarn for a hat, but I did manage to buy 7oz so in the 11th hour I decided instead to spin light singles intended for a light-ish weight 2-ply for a shawl should the yardage be there. I have a pattern in mind, but I don’t want to get my hopes up (or yours either) should the yarn not turn out light enough. I will say I’ve been having epic delusions of me wearing this as a gorgeous, perfect handspun shawl his winter. It’s going to be beautiful, in case you’re not having the same visions I am.

Currently I have two projects on my needles. First, Guston by Ann Budd knit in Valley Yarns Northhampton.

gustonI’m 5 or 6inches into the body of this sweater and it’s going well. I’m kind of in that uninspiring stockinette desert right now, so I threw my fantastic project bag from The Fawn and The Fox into the photo to make it more interesting. Lara, the lady behind this great little shop, sews up project bags, does prints, paints, and makes all sorts of cool stuff. She also hosts the podcast, The Fawn Knits, where she showcases the things she makes and talks in general about her crafting. I’ve come to really love her project bags because she has a great eye for choosing fun and funky fabrics and she sews them just a little bit bigger than what I’m used to using. This bag, for example, is big enough to fit everything I need for this sweater. Seriously, 5skeins of worsted weight yarn plus the pattern on a clipboard fit in this baby with room to spare. When you’re on-the-go as much as I am, this nice big bag is awesome for making even large projects easily portable. And fun. I mean, really, just look at those goofy birds!

 And finally, I finally got rolling with my next pair of socks.IMG_0636I’m making this Narwhal Needlework skein of Squishy Sock in the Chocolate & Raspberries colorway in a pair of Atlantic Current socks. I’ve seen a couple slipped stitch sock patterns recently and I just thought it would fit nicely with this skein. I’m very pleased with how these are looking as well as how easy the pattern is.

 I have one other WIP, apair of socks that I cast-on in March (eep!) for which I need to make some critical decisions. This is an old photo, but you get the idea of what it’s like.

It’s a Cookie A pattern so it’s very beautiful, but kind of intense. I made the grand mistake when I was cleaning in thinking I wasn’t yet to the heel and that I’d just rip and restart something a little less involved to get this gorgeous yarn out of my project bag and onto my feet. I went ahead and recycled the pattern copy I had made from my book. A week or so later, I opened the project bag up to realize I was awfully close to the toe of sock number one.

Now, do I try to figure out where I was in the pattern and just get these done? Or do I wind it back into a center-pull ball and find something a little less intense? Decisions, decisions. I’m just going to knit on the other two projects while I think about it (hopefully not for another 6months).

I’ve very stoically succeeded in not casting anything else on despite a primal urge to cast-on all the projects. The desire will only get worse as the temps plummet over the next few days. I see the potential for a bulky sweater in my near future. And maybe a super bulky one, too.




Oh, a knitter’s work is never done!

9 thoughts on “WIP Tuesday? Sure, Why Not?”

  1. I really think you should get Lesley on the needles. I do. I really do. Because I want one too ……. I’m starting Make A Wish (cue loud laughter here) and since I’ve never knit lace, I think it should be fun!

    1. I keep thinking Musubi because I have the yarn and I know it’ll knit up super fast. Lesley would be quick, too, though. And, um, if you’re talking about Make A Wish by Joji Locatelli… I have yarn for that one, too. *facepalm*

      1. Well at least we know you can make the wish thing! I bought the pattern and am scratching my head. I also got knit companion and I can’t even figure that out! Ah ……. Learn, learn, learn!

      2. I have the yarn, but not the pattern. Now I kind of want to buy the pattern and knit it though! I did a trial of knit companion, but I’m too much of a luddite for it I think – lol!

      3. Well I got part of it to work. Still don’t have a clue on most of it. I’m just going to knit. I need to get a new printer for charts. This is silly!

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