Just Add More Coffee

I certainly hope everyone is having a lovely Labor Day. Like many Americans,  I am totally confused and thrown by how late the holiday has fallen this year. I spent the whole of last week thinking about emailing a friend, assuring her that I had plenty of time to get an exchange sent to her halfway across the country on time (meaning by Labor Day). I sat down to send said email on Saturday morning only to realize that was really not going to happen since the holiday was in, you know, 2 days, one of which was a Sunday. Why if the holiday is late was I thinking it’d be later? I have no idea. I think I’m just generally confused by this weird timing. Or I’m just generally confused. That’s a definite possibility, too.

In any case, since Mr Knitting Sarah had off yesterday and is working today, our family celebrated Labor Day yesterday. It was slated to be ungodly hot & humid and we are flying sans a/c, so we definitely wanted something that got us out of the house during the hottest part of the day and preferably that something would keep us relatively cool. Just to make it interesting, we also wanted to be able to bring Moose so he wouldn’t have to sit in the hot house.

We chose the beach.

IMG_0627We have two very nice dog-friendly beaches on Lake Michigan within reasonable driving distance and it just so happened that Kohler-Andrae State Park also had a program at noon by the Great Lakes Search and Rescue Dogs. Since our kids are both very interested in working dogs, we packed up a little picnic lunch, our beach gear, and a ball for Moose and headed out.

Since I’d just finished these socks…

IMG_0612(FO photos to come) and thanks to not being quite settled on the pattern for my next socks — which will be knit in this yarn…

IMG_0613This is Narwhal Needlework‘s Squishy Sock in Chocolate & RaspberriesI actually ordered this skein via the Mystery Skein KAL which is such a fun idea. You purchase the Mystery Skein in the Etsy shop and they send you a random skein (the listing is 10% off the regular price). Knit it up by October 1st & post a photo and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a skein of your choice. All in good fun and I so love a yarn surprise!

In any case, since the new socks weren’t travel-ready, I grabbed this for car and beach knitting…

IMG_0603I bought some Valley Yarns Northhampton in Burgundy a while back to make a sweater for my son. I haven’t knitted a lot of sweaters for my kids just because they grow out of them so quickly the time and financial commitments just haven’t made sense. The economical nature of this yarn, however, makes it worth a shot. If I can knit up a sweater for my boy for around $30, that actually seems like a really good deal for a good quality sweater, let alone a handknit one. So far I’ve been very happy with the quality of the yarn for the price and I’m hopeful this little experiment will help me justify knitting a larger variety of things for the kiddos. My daughter is, of course, already protesting because her brother is getting a sweater and she isn’t, so the pressure is on!

But I digress.

Since I’m currently working the stockinette body, I got to knit in the car and did a whole lot of beach knitting. I even got the blissful hour while Mr Knitting Sarah took the kiddos to the rescue dog presentation.

IMG_0624After a good hour of swimming & surfing the waves, Moose was pretty pleased with the quiet time, too.

IMG_0622Seriously, does it get better?

I have to admit, I really like this photo. I purposely got part of my big zipper scar in the photo. Growing up a lot of people who loved me very much were always offering to help find ways to cover up this 20″ zipper shaped scar with longer shorts over my swimsuits and any variety of wardrobe work-arounds. While I’m no exhibitionist, I’ve never been ashamed or bashful about the scars that pepper my leg. They are just a part of me and a pretty formative part at that. Without them and all that went into needing & recovering from them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today — imperfect, but perfectly me. I gladly wear them with pride.

We spent another hour or so after lunch playing on the beach and soaking up the beautiful lake breeze and fabulous 78F temp. Home was pretty sweltering. I tried to do some spinning, but didn’t get very far as the humidity just made it kind of unpleasant, so I tagged on another inch or so onto the sweater before the day out in the sun caught up to me.

Our holiday celebrated and the mister back at work, the kiddos and I am having a regular school day today. We are flip-flopping the traditionally short week, working early and taking our time off toward the coming weekend so we can spend some quality time when my Mom comes to visit later in the week. The easy, at home workday probably suits Moose best of all…

IMG_0631This is pretty much all he’s got in him after his big beach adventure. I have to admit, I know how he feels – it’s going to take an extra cup of coffee to make it through today!  Yes, it’s a just add more coffee kind of day!

18 thoughts on “Just Add More Coffee”

  1. It’s been in the 90s the last few days. We’re in the 70s today and it’s supposed to rain. I have scars on my leg and I don’t usually even notice them! Poor Moose! He looks exhausted!

    1. Today got a lot warmer than expected here and it’s very, very humid. I’m looking forward to the high of 74 tomorrow!!!

      People stop me all the time when I’m hiking and ask if I need help because I have a very noticeable limp. I’m always confused because it’s just how I walk — it takes me a minute to respond!

  2. I love that pup! He looks so totally relaxed! I miss Lake Michigan and Lake St. Clair ……. and the ocean is just too busy most of the summer to face a drive down Route 1 …… but after today? They’ll all go home …….

    1. I spent a couple summers working on Martha’s Vineyard in college and while I always had to leave before Labor Day, I always got there as early as I could. If I arrived by mid-May it was still super quiet. July and August could get pretty crowded! Thankfully I always lived in nice quiet areas!

      1. I was very lucky to have had friends that could help with finding housing. The first summer I was maybe a mile from South Beach. It was *wake up, go to work, come home, to go the beach, stay until sunset, go to sleep* repeat to end.

      2. LOL! Well, when I was 19 or 20, it was a great set-up. Work hard, play hard. I’m hoping to get back someday just for some play though — I would love to show my family my favorite spots. 🙂

  3. Moose is so gorgeous. Good on you re the scars. Mine are badly scarred from a form of mini ulcers my excema throws at me and I have my legs out whenever it’s warm enough. 😃 (not *that* often in the UK 😉)

    1. Thank you! He is my big baby!

      Thanks. I’m really thankful that I’ve always been comfortable with my scars because I can’t imagine how hard it would be to not be at peace with them. I tend to forget they’re there, so when I get those wide-eyed stares I always giggle a little.

  4. I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that the imperfections in my body (scars, dark spots, & the such) don’t bother me hardly at all!

  5. After 2 days of pool swimming for my 2 pups they were glad to not be out and about today. They were moving very slow last night! Come to think of it, so was I. LOL

  6. Age isn’t a scar, but it sure takes it toll! Took awhile to come to terms with the changes, but I’m thankful to be able to grow older. Some are not so blessed! You have posted many cute pictures of Moose for us to enjoy, but I think this one is my favorite. How sweet is that beautiful, relaxed boy; you could drown in those soft eyes!

    1. Agreed! I have a lot of crows feet and way more wrinkles than a lot of ladies my age, but I’ve spent a whole lot of time outside and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

      That photo is one of my faves, too. So captured his exhausted little self!

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